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Republican Military Production Agency

The Republican Military Production Agency is the federal agency that is in charge of producing all the military equipment of the Republic, it is the RMPA who builds and tests military prototypes designated by the Federal Agency for Military Research and Development. Even if the agency uses many suppliers for equipment parts, it is the latter that takes care of the final assembly and distribution.



The Republican Military Production Agency is lead by the General Director, it is appointed by the Secretary of Defense who transmits to him orders for vehicles, ships and equipments from the various branches of the Republic's armed forces. It also obviously plays a very important administrative role in the daily management of the RMPA and supplier management.


The territory of the Republic is divided into three production areas which are managed by directors of production assisted by assistant directors who manage a sector, the shipyards and industrial complexes are then managed by managers. Depending on the nature of the order placed with the RMPA, its recipients and its size, the production thereof is assigned to one or more areas which must each produce part of the order. It is the general director of the RMPA who must accomplish this task, his subordinates do the same according to the situation of their respective production area.

Public Agenda

The RMPA's mandate is to produce as well as deliver weapons, ships, vehicles and military equipment of all kinds to the republican armed forces and ensure the logistics of production of these. Finally, the agency is responsible for the storage and recycling of military equipment removed from active military service.



The RMPA has hundreds of thousands of factories or production centers scattered throughout the Republic which allow it to ensure a constant rate of construction, the shipyards where Navy's ships are built also belong to it. The largest of these is the Djaout Shipyard, this huge shipyard is the largest in the Republic and is in orbit of Aderia, it produces 7% of the Navy's vessels.


To transport everything that the RMPA produces to their final destinations, it has a modest fleet of cargo vessels that transport equipment and vehicles to storage places for the armed forces in the three production areas. It is then the Joint Chiefs of Staff in cooperation with the armed forces that will dispatch all this new equipment.
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