Rachida Laroui

Chief Scientist Laroui (a.k.a. The First Explorer)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Rachida Laroui was a very fit person, especially during her stay on board the Sangan, since her status required that she be able to face all situations. When she transited to planetary life, she retained her habits and therefore always maintained a high level of physical activity until her death. Even before the Sangan, Rachida Laouri made sure to maintain a good level of physical activity.

Specialized Equipment

Throughout her career, Rachida Laroui has had access to state-of-the-art scientific equipment to perform her work well, whether for analysis, measurement or any other related tasks. Also, she has also built up a small personal scientific paraphernalia to conduct her own research in her spare time. She used it especially after leaving the Sangan, since she no longer had access to the latter's equipment.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in the city of Ashera on Mars, originally a colony of Saudi Arabia, it will gain its independence from 2068 and will become the capital of the new Republic of Tharsis. Growing up in this constantly changing political context, she quickly developed an unparalleled curiosity about the world around her. This is also why she realized very quickly that her birth sex did not suit her at all. She therefore undertook a transition towards the end of her childhood to become a girl. Despite this, it did not stop him from continuing his studies and very quickly moved towards the sciences related to the space domains in order to become members of a scientific vessel, either from his native country or from the federal government.

After graduating, she succeeded in obtaining a research position at the Academy of Space Sciences of Tharsis. Thanks to her experience, which she accumulated over a few years, she finally managed to join a scientific crew on a Tharsis ship. She stayed only two more years before going to the federal government where she got a job as a science officer aboard a Solar Confederation research vessel. Climbing the ranks, she became Chief Scientist, that is to say captain of the vessel just before the latter was sent to investigate the disappearances of vessels beyond Neptune. Through his dedication, his crew discovered the wormholes and led the first ship to pass through them after actively participating in modifying the Star Drive to pass the wormholes.

Thereafter, she continued to explore with her ship for five years on behalf of the government until deciding to settle on the planet Notton in the system she had discovered where she worked for a local company. She subsequently had two children by a surrogate mother whom she raised with her partner and continued to work after her maternity leave until about sixty years of age when she decided to take a well-deserved retirement. She still continued to give lectures about her experience until she was a hundred years old, the rest of her life she lived a quiet life without too many highlights.


For her normative studies, Rachida followed a standard education in one of the elementary schools in the city of Ashera, as well as for her high school studies. As for her higher education, she went to the Academy of Space Sciences of Tharsis where she took specializations in astrophysics and exobiology. She will also get a job in research in the Academy just after her studies.


As said before, her first jobs were for the Academy of Space Sciences of Tharsis where she completed an internship and became a laboratory technician for her very first job. Subsequently, she landed a job in a science vessel of Tharsis where she occupied a post of analyst which consisted of the analysis of the physical data collected by the instruments of the vessel. Eventually, she switched again to go to a Confederation ship where she became a science officer.

She rose through the ranks to become Chief Scientist of CS Sangan, that is to say the captain of the ship, she remained so until 2205 when she left space for Notton. On this planet, she held her last job as a laboratory manager for a local company until the age of sixty. She also became a sort of lecturer after leaving her last job, since she performed several lectures where she told her experience before her final retirement at the age of one hundred.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Her greatest accomplishment and the one that made her famous is of course the discovery of wormholes as well as the first crossing she conducted aboard her ship, the Sangan. Although this part is less known, it's important to note that Rachida Laouri's ship was also the first to penetrate several other systems and lead their explorations. To name a few, we can think of the system of Qazzan, Rasiya, Procyon or that of Adumir, some planets in these systems have been declared colonizable by Rachida Laouri herself.

Intellectual Characteristics

Rachida Laroui has always been recognized for her boundless curiosity, her keen intellect and her passion for science and space. She also had a particular talent for mental arithmetic, in which she excelled. Moreover, she always made it a point of honor to avoid the use of calculation software as much as possible. Finally, she also had great social intelligence and encouraged everyone to collaborate in everything she undertook.

Personality Characteristics


Rachida Laroui's main motivation has always been the exploration, discovery and advancement of science for the benefit of all humanity. As soon as she could, Rachida always had her head turned towards the stars and tried to reach them, which she was able to do thanks to her scientific talent.
Current Status
Date of Birth
mars 23rd
Date of Death
july 16th
2166 AC 2284 AC 118 years old
Ashera, Mars
Place of Death
Yardur, Notton
Short curly
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
1.68 m
71.50 kg
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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