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Presidential Plaza

Purpose / Function

The Presidential Plaza is designed to be the executive center of the Republic. It hosts the Executive Office headed by the President of the Republic which includes several councils which all hold their meetings in this building. The first being the Council of Ministers which is chaired by the Prime Minister, under the orders of the President, it brings together all the ministers of the government, each of whom heads a federal department. Finally, the Governor's Council brings together the governors of the seven sectors of the Republic every one year to express their grievances to the President. The building accommodates several divisions of the Executive Office specializing in public relations, administration and human resources. Finally, an apartment intended for the President of the Republic who resides there for the duration of his mandate is present on the first floor.


The multiples buildings of this complex has undergone several transformations during there history, whether inside or outside to keep them up to date with construction standards. Several expansions has also taken place whether on existing buildings or by constructing others to increase the overall capacity of the complex, despite all this, the work undertaken has not really changed the general shape of the buildings, which has remained approximately the same since there construction.


The buildings has a resolutely modern style with square shapes and a large place for glass to let in natural light. A large part of the exterior surfaces which are not glazed are vegetated, terraces and balconies for employees are present everywhere. The rest of the surfaces are covered with materials based on aluminum, carbon fiber and other coatings.


The Presidential Plaza came out of the ground shortly after the founding of the Federal Republic, at the same time as several government complexes built to accommodate the various ministries and agencies of the time which were built in an area of Paris that we call today today the government district, near the Eiffel Tower. Over time, this area will grow in size with the addition of new buildings and the expansion, modification or renovation of existing ones, including the Presisential Plaze, to accommodate changes in government organization.
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