President of the Republic


To hold this position, it is necessary to have a university degree in any domain. In addition, most candidates, even if it's not an official requirements, have previous political experience and a certain advancement in the personal career of the candidates is however generally appreciated by the electorate.


To hold this position, candidates must be citizens of the Republic, meet the necessary qualifications, be of legal age, not be the subject of legal proceedings at the time of filing their candidacy, not have been convicted of a crime within twenty years preceding his candidacy. Finally, if he held a high public office, he does not claim to have been convicted of a political crime or to have violated the Republican Code of Political Ethics. Finally, his candidacy must be approved by the Federal Electoral Commission which will check his criminal record and if he does indeed meet the requirements.


The candidate is chosen in the federal election which lasts seven months, the first step is the selection of candidates, this process is led by the Federal Electoral Commission which oversees the process and must approve the candidacies according to the requirements of to be President of the Republic. It lasts two months, candidates wishing to run for office must register to the Republican Electoral Commission two weeks before the official start of the election. Once approved, candidates can represent the party of their choice in the Senate, but they can also remain completely Independant, but this is relatively rare since being attached to a party generally gives more visibility.

A senator can stand for the presidential election if he does not represent himself for his district at the same time. The political parties can also choose from among the candidates a specific candidate to represent them which gives him more chance of winning. When all candidates are registered, citizens must give their signatures to either candidate on the website of the Republican Electoral Commission. The five candidates, the number of candidates admitted to the second stage depends on the number of parties in the Senate, the current number is five since there are four parties plus one for the independents, with the most signatures can enter the next stage which is the election campaign, which lasts four months. After this, the election takes place where the five candidates will compete for the supreme office.

The Republican electoral system is quite simple, citizens rank candidates from their first to fifth choice, candidates who have been designated first choice get five points and fifth choices one point. Depending on the number of people they voted for, the score will be different, for example, if a citizen ranks only three candidates, the same principle applies with a three-point scale. The winning candidate is the one who gets the most points, this system is the same for all the elections that take place within the Republic. One month after the election, a ceremony is organized in the Senate House for all members of the government, including the President, to be sworn in and officially take up their duties which completes the transfer of powers between the old and the new government.


The President has a duty to respect the Constitution of the Federal Republic, to discharge these responsibilities with integrity, to act in the interests of the citizens and of the Republic, and to represent the Republic well during diplomatic visits.


The President is responsible for dealing with the foreign policy of the Republic, acting as the supreme head of the armed forces and appointing members of the government who will then be choose by a vote in the Senate.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

The president can be removed from these functions if this one is suspected of violating the constitution, to have violated the Republican Code of Political Ethics or committing a crime, he is immediately removed from office during the investigation, the Prime Minister is responsible for taking the interim. In the case that charges are brought and he found guilty, he is permanently removed from this office, but if he is acquitted he can resume his post.

Also, it can be the subject of a Motion of Distrust which can be launched by a party at the Senate, the proposal must be accepted by the President of the Senate who cannot refuse it under any pretext. Once accepted, the proposal is presented to the Senate and if 75% of the senators vote in favor, the President is officially removed from office. During a presidential dismissal, regardless of the means used, the Prime Minister always takes the place of the President for the rest of his term, he must then propose three candidacies to the Senate for the selection of a new Prime Minister.
Civic, Political
In effect
Constituton of the Federal Republic
Form of Address
Source of Authority
Length of Term
Eight years
Current Holders
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