Neutrinos communication


This technology was made possible thanks to the previous mastery of nuclear fusion which, over the years, has perfected itself to set up smaller and smaller reactors until it can only be installed on a large satellite. The completion of the mastery of neutrinos in 2156, a sub-atomic particle that passes through all matter will also greatly help in the developpement of the technology. The combination of these three techniques will allow almost instantaneous communications throughout the solar system at the time of the Confederation. Today, the entire Republic and all known alien powers is served by this means of communication.


The main use of this technology is that it enables faster-than-light and even instantaneous communications, which greatly aids in the management of the Republic and other entities in the galaxy. Moreover, it is thanks to this technology that a real galactic diplomacy is possible, without it, the communication times would make these diplomatic relations very difficult.


Relays and ComNets that provide access to communication networks using neutrinos, called Republican Space Network within the Republic, are manufactured by private compagnies, these that produce the last one need a license of the governement. Each citizen has the right to a single ComNet to avoid fraud, identity theft or other crimes.

Social Impact

Much like the Star Drive invented half a decade earlier, this technology will further push the cultural uniformity of the population within the solar system, which ultimately led to the creation of the Federal Republic. The facilitation of communications has allowed for much greater cultural exchanges, and therefore, the creation of a common cultural baggage. This has not, however, prevented most populations originating from Earth from retaining strong cultural traits. Asian, African and Western cultures have, however, quietly imposed themselves over time as dominating cultures. In addition, the populations of the system will increasingly see each person as being human first and not of their respective ethnic groups. Today, this mentality has been maintained and allowed the Republic to gain great stability.
Access & Availability
The technology is now accessible to any business, individual or level of government that wants it and is considered in the public domain. Indeed, since this technology is essential to anyone who would like to communicate with anyone in the galaxy, it has not been patented by any private individuals or corporations.
The principle of this technology is the use of neutrinos as a means of transporting information combined with the miniaturization of nuclear fusion and finally, the use of quantum teleportation to move information between two systems, in this case between two relays. The combination of these three technologies allowed humanity to use relays placed in orbit of planets having a large reserve of energy to carry out transfer of information between these last on several million kilometers in an instantaneous way. These same machines will then retransfer the information to the final recipients using neutrinos as means of transport, which eliminates interference related to physical elements since this sub-atomic particle is so small that it passes through everything.


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