Human Empire Front


This terrorist group was organized around a ''Guide'' supported by the Imperial Council which sat on the third planet of the Athyorix system renamed Unity by rebel. During outdoor operations, a chief was appointed to lead the team and accomplish the mission.. The Human Empire Front has a council to advise the chief but he has no decision-making power.

Public Agenda

This group judged that the government of the Republic is corrupt and that integration into a federation harms the human species. They wished to establish a human empire, leave the Alliance of Alpha Quadrant and expand the territories of the Republic by capturing alien's territories.


Unity's proximity to the Zelvan border has enabled the group, thanks to the black market and their little mining industry, to assemble armed ships for protection as well as piracy. It also had a small fleet of vessels for moving teams during missions and for protection. The base on Unity was an important underground complex to protect itself from the great heat which reigns there, the group chose this planet because is partially habitable and is in an area little monitored by the Navy because, even if the Zelvan border is close, they are allies which require limited surveillance. In addition, the area is, even today, sparsely populated and relatively isolated from the rest of the Republic which allows to pass more unnoticed.


In 2268, when the Alliance of Alpha Quadrant was created, a successful Navy officer saw this alliance as a weakness, he then retired from the Navy to go into politics to create the National Pride Party which still remains today the most politically right party in the Senate. This party grew little by little after it won its first election, but things went downhill very quickly. Shortly before constitutional reform, a power struggle broke out within the party between the founder and other elements of the party, in great numerical superiority, who wanted to relax the party line to reach more voters.

Discouraged by this, he retired by himself with a dozen of his followers, he spent ten years keeping a low profile and gathering a few thousand followers to go and found, far from Earth, a colony isolated from the rest of the Republic. Disavowed by his party and the public, he was quickly forgotten and when he disappeared into the wild with his party to Athorix III, a planet he had selected following the abandonment of the government of the latter in the colonization plan concerning the south of the territory, the planet being too small to be terraformed.

Like all of his supporters, the police determined that he had self-excluded from the society and all of his supporters' guaranteed income payments and ComNets were disabled after don't declaring themselves to the autorities. The fact that this period was marked by the great movements of migration to the new colonies of the Republic and several cases of mass disappearance of people who will found fanatical groups, sects or religious cults on isolated celestial bodies by isolating themselves from the Republic will happen at the same time also helped the group to pass unnoticed through the masses. A good part of the members of these groups will return to the society given the very difficult living conditions, the final takeover of the government of the majority of the territory around 2350 and the disillusionment with the leaders leading to the disappearance of a majority of these.

However, some will persist and become more and more fanatical and cause deadly terrorist attacks within the Republic or elsewhere as was the case for the Human Empire Front. Arrived at their destination, his group began started the construction of an underground complex thanks to the materials that they will bring, the carcasses of their ships and the mining of the resources present, the whole thing will take about ten years. They will manage to go unnoticed, despite their intense activities during construction, thanks to the absence of the Republic, which will only begin to really occupy the territory from 2330.


The group was disbanded after the Republic took over the complex, the management of the latter will then be entrusted to the Javin sector, like all small settlements, which will have to set up a democratic local government and enforce the law. In addition, the leader of the group fled during the attack which brought down the dictatorial regime. For the organization of the government, an agreement has been reached between the Javin sector and representatives elected by the inhabitants and a process of de-radicalization will be undertaken by the authorities.


The complex's society was highly militaristic, so the armed forces are central to the lives of the people who lived there. To occupy a high place in the military hierarchy was a great sign of social prestige and almost all of the activities of the complex were linked directly or indirectly to the military domain. The military hierarchy of the complex was quite simple due to the small size of the armed forces, there were only two branches which are the Air Force and the Ground Force which were headed by two generals.

Technological Level

Due to its isolation, the technology that is available within the Human Empire Front, which dates back to the 2280s, has evolved little since the first Founders arrived on Athorix III. Moreover, this technology is very rudimentary since the spare parts that are necessary for the repair have quietly ceased to be produced, which has forced the group to produce them themselves or to provide them from the black market. All this meant that the life expectancy was much lower than that of citizens of the Republic. The rate of genetic disease was also very high due to the small population of the starting group, which consisted of only a few thousand individuals of childbearing age.

Agriculture & Industry

The main industry of the complex and therefore of the planet was metallurgy, armaments as well as the agricultural industry, all that was produced is almost all used to be used or consumed inside the complex but part was used for sell on the black market to fund the Human Empire Front. Even today, the main industries of the complex are those named above but the difference is that the products are more sold troughout the legal market.


The only infrastructure the Human Empire Front has was the Dalion Complex which is orgnized around the former landing site of the group's founder, the hulls of the ships will be used to build the first part of the complex. It was organized like a circle, the center was the decision-making heart of the station while kinds of triangular quarters were placed all around the circle. First, there were the two hangars, one primary and one secondary which must be used in the event of an invasion.

Secondly, the production district which houses the greenhouses as well as the workshops where the metals were extracted from the mines were transformed as well as the antimatter production laboratories for the quantum drive. Third, the living quarters as well as the common areas which were used to house the inhabitants of the complex and accommodate the services for the population. Fourth, the security district which houses the command post of the guards, the cells, the communications post and the radar room. Finally, a little further out of the circle, were the mines where metals were mined to be sold or used in the complex.

Da rursus eius gloria

2282 - 2576

Illicit, Rebel
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Market economy
Legislative Body
The complex did not have a legislative body as such, but it should be noted that citizens' councils could be formed to put pressure on the Guide. Since the latter could not stop everyone at once without risking creating unrest, he had to listen to them, which allowed the Guide to establish its legitimacy and show a semblance of democracy. However, if the requested change was too great, the Guide always managed to destroy the initiative before it turned into a citizens' council. The very effective propaganda made these initiatives relatively rare since they were presented as a danger to the Human Empire Front.
Judicial Body
The complex's judicial system was not independent from the political system, as all judgments were brought back to the Guide who makes the final decisions. Justice Committees formed by other members of the complex make a first judgment which is confirmed and ratified by the Guide.
Executive Body
Although having only under it's authority a small complex, the Human Empire Front was to endow a semblance of a political system that remains authoritarian all the same. The Imperial Council, composed of members appointed by the Guide, supports the latter in these decisions but it has only an advisory role.
Neighboring Nations
Notable Members
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