High Command


High Command

The High Command is directed by the President of the Republic who are the supreme chief of the armed forces, it is the combination of the head of the three branches of the armed forces, the High Admiral for the Navy, the High Marshall for the Marine Corps and High General for the Army. Unofficially, Air Force and Task Force lieutenant generals also have a role in High Command, but more administrative and advisory than decision-making.

Indeed, its two people are under the supervision of the High General and the High Marshall respectively since their services are sub-branches serving their respective main branches. All these high-ranking officers are designated by the President who appoints them from three recommendations of the holders of the positions in question who must always keep this list in case of unforeseen events.
Service of Operations
The Service of Operations is a part of the High Command and led by the Director of Operations. This one has an executive role and not a decision-making one, he must make the link between the High Command and the Operations Service. The tasks of it is to transmit the High Command's directives, to ensure coordination between the branches of the armed forces and to ensure that the armed forces cover all the territory of the Republic to defend him.
Service of Strategic Planning
Led by the Strategic Director, who oversees and administers the Service of Strategic Planning, it is made up of experts from the various branches of the armed forces whose purpose is to advise and produce reports on the way forward in terms of military doctrines. His role is very important since it is generally generally he who proposes battle plans for the High Command for large-scale military operations, such as an intervention in foreign territory or the defense of the territory of the Republic.
Service of Logistics
Led by the Director of Logistics, who oversees and administers the Service of Logistics, its purpose is to ensure the proper supply of the armed forces by efficiently transporting all the necessary supplies from the Republican Military Production Agency warehouses.

Public Agenda

Its role is to coordinate the actions of the three branches, to apply the orders of the president and to transmit the state of the armed forces to him. His role is essential in the chain of command, it is he who takes the most important decisions and ensures optimal coordination between the three branches with the Operationnal Command to bring coherent actions of the armed forces. High Command must also adhere to the guidelines of the Alliance of Alpha Quadrat Military Coordination Center (AAQMCC) in wartime to avoid incoherent actions.


The High Command uses the Archangel Station, in orbit of Jupiter, where the Service of Operations and the Service of Logistics as well as the seat of there leader are located. The offices of the High Admiral, General and Marshall as well as the two lieutenant generals are located in Addis Ababa on Earth, this is also where the headquarters of all the armed forces' branches are situated.
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