The Darda'il (lit: Journeyers), also known as the "Ethereals" are a species of pure energy and thought native to the Astral Realm. After settling the city of Axis they have grown into a position of considerable power.

Basic Information


The Darda'il have a remarkable yet vague similarity to the 'humanoid' races of the Stellar Realm. They have the appearance of two arms, two legs, a torso, and a head, as well as come in a similar range of heights. However, they have no discernible facial features, though some have been described to possess 'eyes'. They are beings of pure energy; a mass of irregular power.

Biological Traits

There exist many 'spectra', similar to the races of other species. These are manifested in different coloration of energy, though these can also shift and change based on mood. The energy that consists of a Darda'il is not directly dangerous to entities of the Stellar Realm. Those who successfully cross over are capable of manipulating physical objects which can be however.   Like all entities of the Astral Realm, the Darda'il are potent psions. However, they are actually relatively weak individually. Rather, it is their wits, and the acquisition of Axis that has won them their current position. While in the Stellar Realm, their psionic abilities are also lessened, though there they can be counted upon as one of the most potent psions.   Darda'il do not sleep, though do require the consumption of what could be considered the analogues of food and drink.

Civilization and Culture


Due to non-linear aspect of time within the Astral Realm, the exact origins of the Darda'il are unknown. They have no known lord or origin point, the first memories of them being as nomads traveling from some remote pocket of the universe. At some point they settled in Axis and later created The Nexus, resulting in the ascension of the Nexus King.   This lead to the Nexus Wars, during which numerous lords and other powers fought for control of the region. The Darda'il however held firm control over Axis, and over time most denizens realized it was better to work with them than fight them, becoming known as The Consortium. This however, was shaken by the arrival of the Akhaale. Unknown agents from another universe, it is believed they slew the Nexus-King.   However the Nexus-King was incapable of truly being killed. Instead, the energy was split into a dozen 'Nexus-Princes', who have since fought for the control of the Darda'il, and Axis, ever since.

Average Height
1.6 - 2.1 meters


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