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King Yash

King Yash Singh Sondhu

Canada's first Canadian-born monarch.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

King Yash was somewhat overweight for most of his life.

Facial Features

King Yash wore a beard, in accordance with his Sikh faith.

Apparel & Accessories

Yash was noted for his finely-tailored suits, always bought from the same tailor in Frederickton. He wore a blue turban before becoming King of Canada, and a red turban after.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Yash Sing Sondhu was born in Frederickton, New Brunswick in 1982 and went into politics in 2012. In 2018 he became Governor General of Canada, becoming a popular figure in Canadian politics. In 2025 Canada abandoned the House of Windsor and decalared Yash Sing Sondhu King of Canada.


Yash Singh Sondhu held a degree in political science from Mount Allison University.

Accomplishments & Achievements

King Yash was credited with stabilizing Canada's economy, which had been struggling since the Great Restructuring, and improving relations with other former Canadian and American states. He was personally popular throughout Canada, NLK, and Cascadia. He was also able to reconcile Canada's relationship with the UK in the aftermath of the House of Windsor's overthrow in Canada.

Intellectual Characteristics

King Yash was known for his quick wit and optimism.

Morality & Philosophy

Yash was considered an idealist, and a man not totally comfortable in the spotlight. He was said to have been baffled but honoured to have been chosen as Canada's king, and did his best to live up to the confidence placed in him.


Family Ties

Yash married Neha Kaur in 2011 and 2013 they had their only child, Nampreet. Nampreet served as Queen of Canada from 2066-2080, and was succeeded by her daughter, Satinder.

Religious Views

King Yash was a devout Sikh.

Social Aptitude

King Yash was known for his quick wit and good humour. He enjoyed meeting people and was comfortable speaking to crowds.

Lawful Good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
King of Canada
1982 - 2077 (Died 95 years old)
Frederickton, New Brunswick
Biological Sex
Dark brown
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
King Yash was known to be fluent in English, French, and Punjabi.

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