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Fleet Fairway

Tostej Roger Alexander Fairway (a.k.a. Fleet)

One of Earth's first explorers on Mars, now one of Mars' most powerful warlords.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Roger Fairway is in excellent physical condition and does not appear to have aged significantly in the 30-odd years since he joined the Star Patrol.

Facial Features

Roger Fairway has a strong jaw, a rather heavy brow, and a straight, sharp nose.

Identifying Characteristics

Fleet has several Martian tattoos on his arms. His body is covered with battlescars.

Physical quirks

During his time in the Star Patrol, Fairway was often noted to reflexively try to grasp or rest his hand on something near his waist, as if used to wearing a sword.

Apparel & Accessories

Fleet Fairway wears a combination of Earthling and Martian clothing; he wears trousers and boots, but a Martian gear harness on his torso.

Specialized Equipment

Roger Fairway carries a Martian rifle and a Martian blade resembling an arming sword. He also carries a Star Patrol-issue laser pistol as backup.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Roger Fairway was one of the Star Patrol's earliest and most promising recruits. In 2068 he was assigned to Phobos to protect the construction crew of the Star Patrol's base there, and he quickly became enamoured of the Martian lifestyle and culture, particularly that of the Equatorial Martians. In 2070, Roger Fairway (better known as "Fleet", for his agility and spacefaring experience) deserted his post and allied himself with the Equatorial Martian city of Monsol. Fairway quickly rose through the ranks of the city's military. He led several daring missions and operations that greatly expanded Monsol's regional influence, and became a trusted advisor to Monsol's queen, Nori Vae. In 2098, shortly before the Neptunian attack on Triton, it was reported that Fairway and Nori Vae had become romantically involved. In 2099, he was selected to serve as an officer in the Mars Division of the United System Expeditionary Force.


Fleet Fairway completed basic and advanced combat training during his Star Patrol training, but was noted at the time to already be an exceptionally skilled combatant and competent strategist. He has extensive historical knowledge, particularly military history, and it is thought that he is probably a veteran.


Roger Fairway was working as a warzone photographer at the time he applied to join the Star Patrol. It is thought that he probably served in some military before this.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Roger Fairway is an exceptionally skilled combatant. He excelled in his Star Patrol training and quickly rose through the ranks before his desertion. As Tostej ("chief warrior") of Monsol, he has greatly expanded the city's political influence, won numerous wars and battles against other cities, and saved the city and its residents on several occasions

Failures & Embarrassments

Though he doesn't seem to regret taking up with the Martians at all, the fact that Roger Fairway deserted his post in order to do so is known to be a sore point.

Intellectual Characteristics

Fleet Fairway has a knack for picking up new languages very quickly. He is a quick thinker and is able to keep a cool head in dangerous situation.

Morality & Philosophy

Fairway has been described as a primitivist, and he reportedly told his Star Patrol comrades before his defection that the violent and dangerous Martian way of life was more "honest" than the modern first-world Earthling lifestyle. He abhors unnecessary cruelty but enjoys fighting, especially those he considers his equals. He fairs poorly in times of prolonged peace and does not seem to know what to do with himself.

Personality Characteristics


Fleet Fairway is thought to have a long history of military service, and he does not know what to do with himself during prolonged period of peace. He feels that he is more suited to the constant conflict and danger of Martian life than the comparatively safe life on Earth in the 2090s.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Fleet Fairway is an exceptional fighter, a master marksman, swordsman, and hand-to-hand combatant. He is a polyglot able to quickly and easily learn new languages, and is knowledgeable in world military history. However, he has been noted as having rather poor social skills and some difficulty understanding advanced technology.

Likes & Dislikes

Roger Fairway enjoys fighting and stargazing. He dislikes formal social events and space travel.

Virtues & Personality perks

Roger Fairway is intelligent, courageous, and compassionate. He has little patience for those who speak without acting.

Vices & Personality flaws

Fleet Fairway is something of a misanthropist and has come to prefer the company of Martians to that of humans. He has little faith in, or desire for, lasting peace on Mars.


Contacts & Relations

Fleet Fairway's closest allies are Nori Vae, Queen of Monsol, and Arkad Arkas, a Phobian warrior he met during his Star Patrol assignment on Phobos.

Social Aptitude

Roger Fairway dislikes crowds and is not known as a scintillating conversational partner. He is particularly uncomfortable with formal social events and speaking to women to whom he is attracteed.


Roger Fairway is a stoic and reserved man, though a more energetic side often emerges in the heat of battle. He habitually scowls, especially in formal situations. He never says two words where one will do.

Hobbies & Pets

Roger Fairway spends most of his free time studying Martian history or stargazing.

Wealth & Financial state

Fleet Fairway is a high-ranking military officer of a powerful Martian city-state; he is fairly wealthy by Equatorial Martian standards and has easy access to additional resources if he needs them.

Lawful Good
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Tostej of Monsol
Currently Held Titles
Circumstances of Birth
Roger Fairway's date and place of birth are unknown. He appears to be around 30 years old but has occasionally alluded to being much older.
Unknown; former citizen of the Southern American Republic.
Current Residence
Monsol, Mars
Biological Sex
Black, short
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Fleet Fairway is known to be fluent in English, Spanish, Miccosukee, and Martian, though reports indicate he may know more.

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