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Equatorial Martian

The inhabitants of Mars' scorching equatorial deserts.


Major language groups and dialects

Red Martians speak a distinctive, archaic dialect of Martian.

Culture and cultural heritage

Equatorial Martians are warlike and aggressive, frequently raiding or warring with rival city-states. They attach great importance to loyalty and courage; cowardice and desertion are among the worst sins for Equatorial Martians.

Average technological level

Equatorial Martians have not developed their own space travel technology, though they understand the technology used by other peoples well enough. They use primarily wheeled vehicles powered by some form of solar radiation. Martians use analog firearms which they typically load with explosive rounds.

Common Dress code

Equatorial Martian clothing tend to be rather scant and more ornamental than practical. Loincloths are the most common garments, though breeches are sometimes preferred for practical reasons. Many Martians wear leather harnesses with which to carry their equipment. Little else but jewellery is worn under most circumstances.

Art & Architecture

Equatorial Martian architecture is renowned for its strength and stability, its brick structures sheathed in iron to protect it from the elements.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Equatorial Martians traditionally carry a red flag when they wish to parley with another settlement or people, and a black flag when they come to make war. The largest annual event in Equatorial Martian society is the Savage Run, a motor race along the equator between Longitude 0° and 45°. In recent years Temperate Martians and even Earthlings have participated in this event.

Coming of Age Rites

An Equatorial Martian is only considered an adult member of society when they have seen battle.

Common Taboos

Accusing another person of cowardice without first presenting adequate evidence is a major faux pas in Equatorial Martian society.


Beauty Ideals

Among Equatorial Martians, vibrant red skin (bordering on scarlet) is generally considered the most attractive. Strength and agility are considered highly attractive as well, as are battlescars. Red Martians often decorate their skin with tattoos in subtle shades of red.

Gender Ideals

Due to their harsh environment and difficult way of life, Equatorial Martians tend to be the most egalitarian of the Martian cultures; both men and women have to contribute in any way possible to survive.

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