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The Plentitude Galactic Mall

Welcome to the Plentitude Galactic Mall! If we don't have it for sale, you don't want it!

Mall kiosks are available throughout the planet, offering directions, communications, and medical attention.

Come to shop! Stay for a lifetime!


All shop owners take part in a communal government with the weight of their vote being based upon the annual profit from their shop.


The weapons district is known to have installed demos of their most advanced weaponry, in some cases potentially Ciceronean in origin. Vendors in the weapons district perform occasional demonstrations for customers.

Any attack or breach of contract associated with Plentitude is considered to be the height of insanity.

Industry & Trade

The entire planet is focused on trade. Anything you wish for can be had for a price.


All habitable space on this planet is covered in mega-structures filled with the bounty of the universe. These structures stretch as far as the eye can see and offer grand views of a wide variety of architectural styles. Note: if you see a structure you particularly like, contact a salesperson in the staffing district to see if the architect is available for commission.


  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Habitation Accents
  • Luxury
  • Antique
  • Bargain
  • Transportation
  • Medicinal
  • Entertainment
  • Staff
  • Weapons

Guilds and Factions

The shipping guild has proprietary contracts with all merchants and with the Cicerone in order to deliver shoppers' purchases quickly and efficiently to their homes, making the shopping experience pleasant.


Located conveniently near the nexus of Ciceronean TREIN routes in the Milky Way Galaxy, the Plentitude was built to centralize trade availability across multiple galaxies.

Points of interest

Don't miss Zaphod's Curiosities in the Luxury District, and no visit is complete without overindulging in your species' favorite treats* in the Food district.**

*Consult allergen diagnostic cubes before consuming any substance. Plentitude is not responsible for allergic reactions or medical events that occur due to activities you choose to engage in while on planet.

**Remember that kiosks offer free medical treatment to help you recover from any overindulgence so that you can indulge some more!

Natural Resources

None remaining. All resources are imported.

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Alternative Name(s)
4 billion permanent inhabitants

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Aug 13, 2022 18:32 by Rachel Bentz

This is such a BEAUTIFUL concept! I think what cinched it for me and tied the world together was the 'free medical treatment so you can indulge more' line. It's such a succinct yet perfect way to describe the mindset of Plentitude. I have to ask; are the 'districts' entire geographic sections dedicated to a single consumable, or are there sections instead based on different planets/cultures and what they sell? I would hate to have to take a 3-5 hour train just to get to the food court. or are there smaller 'pocket' districts that have food/groceries/daily necessities scattered throughout the other districts?   I can't wait for the 'wait' period to be over so I can see how you expand on this concept more!

May the Creator ever guide your Footsteps
Aug 24, 2022 03:40 by Deleyna Marr

That's a very good question! I'd imagined each district being a type of product, but you're right... they'll need food courts throughout to at least meet basic needs. Although they do have extremely rapid transit throughout the world. There are hotels spread around the world as well.   I'm looking forward to expanding it as well.

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