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Pledge decree for World Ember 2022
Deleyna's World Ember 2022 Pledge by World Anvil

Homework Week 1

  1. If you have more than one world setting, which one is the most important to you right now? Why?

    The universe of the Spaceport is not filled out on the site. I have many ideas, but none are in writing. I would love to get them all written down and codified before I start releasing novels.

  2. Which area of that world setting will allow you to achieve your goals (Continuing your novel/campaign, or starting a new one?).

    I'm editing the early drafts of the novels and finding that I've been inconsistent with the places and people / creatures that I focus on. I want to focus on the main places and cultures.

  3. How will it help you achieve those goals?

    Clarifying the universe and the races that I want to include in those novels will help bring it to life for my fans while also helping me to be consistent across the novels.

Homework Week 2

In which we design a mini-meta for this project...


In any museum or attraction, you'll find a rack of brochures for other exciting places to visit. The Spaceport is no exception! They have a lovely rack of brochures for other worlds to entice visitors to explore the universe. I've only started the basic layout for these, but I want to fill them out so that they give people a sense of the scope and adventure in the stories.


Filling out the travel brochures will encompass mostly the sense of play and whimsy that is the backdrop of these stories, but also the wonder and diversity of the universe.


Playful exploration and a sense of possibility

Homework Week 3

This week I learned more about tagging and categorizing articles. I made sure that everything is in its proper place!

I also created a series of stubs to represent the places that I want to create for World Ember.

I'm building on a project that I started earlier this year. It is organized using a whiteboard. I'd gotten as far as working out the theme and technical aspects of the project, but hadn't had time to develop the worlds or the brochures. These are sample place holders right now that I will fill in and add the new worlds to.

The Spaceport is a tourist attraction, so I thought it would be fun to explore some of the other worlds.

Travel Brochures

Double-click a brochure to open it. Note: this is a work in progress. More will be added and these will be developed as the month progresses.

Loading Travel Brochures Whiteboard...

Articles for World Ember 2022

Geographic Location | Jan 15, 2023
Ethnicity | Dec 25, 2022
Antarean Council Member
Rank/Title | Dec 29, 2022
Antarean War Council
Organization | Dec 29, 2022
Geographic Location | Dec 28, 2022
Ethnicity | Dec 29, 2022
Caballarian Naming Day Gift
Tradition / Ritual | Dec 3, 2022

When a Caballarian comes of age, they receive a gift, and only the perfect gift will do.

Character | Jan 16, 2023
Geographic Location | Dec 6, 2022
Diagnostic Cube
Item | Dec 12, 2022
Doctor Asheesh Singh Shrivastava
Character | Dec 28, 2022
Geographic Location | Dec 4, 2022
Eridani / Antares War
Military Conflict | Dec 29, 2022
Eridani Prime
Geographic Location | Dec 3, 2022
Eridanian Empire
Organization | Dec 28, 2022
Geographic Location | Dec 29, 2022
Ethnicity | Dec 29, 2022
Jeremy Tantiangco
Character | Dec 28, 2022
Building / Landmark | Dec 28, 2022
Lily Harris
Character | Dec 28, 2022
Character | Dec 29, 2022
Geographic Location | Dec 29, 2022
Species | Dec 28, 2022
Marian Samit
Character | Dec 28, 2022
My WorldEmber Pledge 2022
Generic article | Dec 29, 2022
Prince Mattaeus of Eridani
Character | Dec 28, 2022
Rhonda Dishner
Character | Jan 26, 2023
Species | Dec 28, 2022
Spaceport Badges
Generic article | Dec 28, 2022
Geographic Location | Dec 12, 2022

Sreteer is a world shrouded in mystery with lush forests and a rich culture.

Stephani Kim
Character | Dec 28, 2022
Tanner Liang
Character | Dec 25, 2022
Species | Dec 28, 2022
Species | Dec 29, 2022
Character | Jan 16, 2023

Lessons Learned

As I'm getting near the end of my first World Ember, I've learned some important lessons.

  1. Pay attention to article dates - I forgot to check some of my dates and lost quite a bit of content that didn't count towards the challenge because I'd been filling out previously created stub articles.
  2. Pay attention to my health - as usual, I didn't focus on staying healthy and I'm facing the end of the challenge with a fever and a migraine from a sinus infection
  3. World Building is very different from writing a novel - I could sit down and crank out 3000 words on a novel without breaking a sweat, but I work hard to turn out 300 coherent words for an article
  4. Build in time - I didn't set aside enough focused time apart from other projects, and that has had a serious impact on the quality of my work. I've decided not to submit any articles for competitions, but I'm happy that I got as much done as I did.

And my biggest regret? Not having more time to read the many wonderful articles written by the many amazing people here on World Anvil!


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26 Dec, 2022 09:38

How's your progress going for your first WorldEmber? :D I hope you've managed to enjoy some time for resting, too

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10 Jan, 2023 19:42

I managed to get COVID towards the end, but did finish World Ember barely. It was a wonderful experience. I'm grateful for all of the hype, because it made me want to play.

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