Caballarian Naming Day Gift

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When a young Caballarian leaves the realm of the foal and becomes an adult, their parents present them with a unique naming day gift. The gift need not be expensive, but it must represent the core of who the individual is. By sharing this gift, it shows how closely the parents have studied their child, reflecting both the passions of the child and the parents' wish for their child to have success and happiness in life.

Caballarians are powerful telepaths. For a parent not to deeply know a child by their naming day is seen as a sign of bad parenting. It is not uncommon for parents to spend over a year choosing the perfect gift for their child, and some have been known to delay the naming day ceremony until they feel their child's personality has developed enough so that they can be sure they are giving them the perfect gift.

Examples of gifts include: tools for their trade, one of a kind art objects, and items with family significance.

The tradition is believed to have started when the very first foal came of age. Its parents gave it a map of the world and encouraged it to explore and choose a place to call its own.

Modern day Caballarian youths often prefer necklaces that represent their chosen path in life, although many have been known to eschew the ritual as too ancient to be of value.

It is the height of insult for a child to sell or trade the gift.

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