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Harkles Games

Harkles Games is one of the largest video game companies in the universe. Based on the Zamorian planet of Yogasa 2, they have made some of the biggest and most successful video game franchises and consoles of all time.      

Notable Games


The 'Killbo' games are games centered around the adventures, with varying levels of being canon to the story of the main series, of a police officer named Killbo Cop and his friends. Killbo is a hard-working officer of the law who brings criminals to justice, but he also sometimes dresses up as a clown to play carnival games with his friends, and he participates in (legal) street racing, as well as plenty of other activities.  

Lord Zer

Lord Zer is a game series for all ages about a small made-up creature called a Zer, which slightly resembles a small upright rodent with an exoskeleton, and his comedic journeys to try and conquer the universe. He never succeeds, but he does learn valuable lessons along the way.  

Time Quest

The Time Quest games claim to be educational and help players learn about various time periods on different planets, but they are actually very unreliable sources of information. Despite this, players still think that they are accurate depictions of the time periods they take place in. Such games as 'Time Quest 4: Thievery at Sea' are especially notorious for unrealistically showing what it was like for Zamorian pirates thousands of years ago. Yet, somehow, their following still stays strong.  


Based on the Balyom folk story, the Kamaharo series has players fighting against religious zealots trying to free Kamaharo from his prison in the Void. At the end of each game, Kamaharo is freed and the players must fight him in the ultimate battle to save the universe. Despite the plot being so similar each game, the gameplay and visuals are revolutionary and manage to change up the formula each time just enough that it feels like a brand new experience while still being clearly an entry in the series that has been there since the start of it.

Corporation, Business

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