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The H3-ZMS2 is one of the earliest of the Zamorian armor suits to be mass-produced, and while it is considered almost completely obsolete on Zamoria, many of their empire's colonies and outposts still use it as standard armor.   The H3-ZMS2 got its name from being the third model made by the company Helvekta (hence the H3) and the second suit of theirs used by the Zamorian military (hence ZMS2 - Zamorian Military Suit 2).

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The armor comes in two layers, and the lower layer is a skintight bodysuit that covers the entire body except for the face so as to not inhibit sight. This helps regulate temperature and pressure on the user's body even when using powerful weapons. This lower layer is made of a soft and cut-resistant material that is able to provide a small degree of protection from attack.   The outer layer is much harder, with small weak points at the joints to allow for movement of the body. Extremely hard plastic and metal are used to keep the user inside safe. The suit is able to cushion the body inside from blunt force, and can deflect blades and bullets with ease. The material does wear does wear down from extreme heat, and generally repairs are needed after each battle, but it is seen as a reliable way to defend oneself.   The helmet is harder and heavier (by volume) than the rest of the armor, resting on several pads which prevent the increased weight to cause neck strain from the user. It provides vision in darkness, as well as a sonar system. Communication devices can easily be linked with the helmet to provide better coordination.

The H3-ZMS2 may seem bare-bones compared to some of its competitors, but its basic and functional features allowed it to be produced and distributed to suit the Zamorian Empire's military needs, which is a rarity in the industry. While they are unable to be legally purchased by civilians in any Zamorian territory, they are used by the vast majority of lower-ranking soldiers and even some of the higher-ranking police officers of the Zamorian Empire.

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