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Pyv and the farmer

A farmer in V'lamyc,r once brought in his harvest   It had been an especially bountiful harvest and he was very grateful   All of his neighbors had had much less productive seasons and he was hoping that his fortune and their misfortune would allow him to buy their land   He believed that Nget herself had facilitated this bounty and he made sure to offer the proper prayers and gifts in return   But Nget had not aided the farmer   She complained to Pyv about all of the people who shower her with praise for things she doesn't do   She called specific attention to the farmer who had been rather enthusiastic with his gratitude   Pyv vowed to his opposite that he would ensure this never happened to her again   When he journeyed to the farmer he asked of him   "Why is your farm so lush"   The farmer replied   "The rains here are so plentiful that my grains never grow thirsty"   So Pyv prevented any rain from falling and left for one year   When he returned he asked the farmer how his farm was doing   "I have shifted to growing feirlyn which are suited to drought and worth much more in the city than grain"   Pyv was angered by the farmer's continued success and now declared that the city the farmer traded with be ravaged by disease   When Pyv returned one year later the farm remained prosperous   He asked the farmer how he had succeeded   The farmer replied   "I started growing tea which helps soothe the pain of the plague"   Enraged once more Pyv created a breed of terrible creatures to feed on whatever the farmer might grow   He called these creatures veklei (Eaters)   One year later Pyv returned to the farm only to find it abandoned   Pleased with his success he ordered the creatures to eat the food of anyone who annoyed the Ysh with needless thanks

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