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The city of pirates and ships, famous by its legends and myths, Coralmar is for those that are looking for adventure, whether by searching for treasures among it's waters, or maybe exploring its surroundings in search for undiscovered lands. The reefs that surround Coralmar have claimed many ships over the years. Their wrecked skeletons still float between its neighboring islands as a warning to any who dares to go there, as an ancient creature named Obere stalks the reefs.  


This coastal town is built into the eastern shore of Southset. Many centuries ago, Manacle Bay, as it was called at the time, was established as a place to rest for sailors traveling to Southset from Nothnest, taking advantage of the large number of ships that anchored on its coast, and that there was no other safe passage to Southset, Andrei Rianofski, the city ruler charged absurd amounts of money from all those who wished to enter the continent.   About two centuries ago, one brave captain named Gally, together with others that followed her rebelled against the government tyranny and excessive taxation of the nautical businesses. This union of rebels and pirates, known as Stinkpot, conquered Manacle Bay, sending the former ruler to jail, making this town the beating heart of pirate organizations in Southset, naming it Coralmar in honor of the captain.


Being a city of travelers and sailors, were many people come from everywhere, to and from Southset, the population of this city is distributed amongst different species, not having a defined demographics.


Nowadays, with Stinkpot ruling Coralmar, the price to enter the city is much more cheap, and all pirate groups are documented by the ruler, any ship that enters the shore without a documentation needs to pay a tax. Along the years, some pirates tried to bypass this, but to no avail.

Notable groups

Alternative Name(s)
Manacle Bay
Owning Organization
Characters in Location

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Cover image: pirate harbor by MathildeAndre


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