Schedule Daily / Weekly Export

A small service to schedule the World Anvil Export.    
IMPORTANT: In order to schedule the export, I store your email, authentication token and username in a secure manner.


  The form should be fairly self-explanatory.


This creates a scheduled trigger for the World Anvil Export function. In order to do so, the trigger has to know your email address and your authentication token. I store both within a AWS Eventbridge Rule definition. These are save from others gaining access easily. Additionally, I retrieve your user id and username of your World Anvil Account. This information is stored with the rule. This helps me identifiy who uses the service should any problems arise.   Only a single rule is created for each account. If you submit a new schedule it will simply overwrite the old one.

Schedule Settings

You can either submit a daily or weekly schedule. For both the hour of day has to be defined set. I suggest that you set the hour of day to something after you usually do work on World Anvil. Remember to first calculate the difference from your timezone to the universal timeline. You can use tool to see the difference!   The day of week can be set to All to create a daily schedule or any day of the week.


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