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Welcome to the World of Tessadore

The lands of Tessra has gone through many changes over the different ages, those bygone eras go beyond ancient history. Although through the world of Tessadore's inhabitants might not realize it, their daily struggles stem from the tumultuous events of the past. While many cultures has its own interpretation of how the world began, the most accepted story is the myth of the Serpent creators, also known as The Serpents of Creation.  

Tale of the Ages

  “Tale of the Ages” is a Poem of unknown origin, found with minor variations in the collections and traditions of dragons and other races across the world.   Tessadore is said to be created by Io, The Serpent of life, and was meant to be the primary dwelling place for his creations. When life was given to the universe, many of the Erudra chose to reside within Tessadore, With each of the Erudra being a aspect of life and Io's power they build Tessadore. To assist the Eurdra in their creation of the world Io created lesser Spirit known as Mydra to serve them.   Originally, Tessadore was gathered into one supercontinent, rather than split into multiple contitent.   The Eruda lit up the world with great lamps, and the explosion of biological life that ensued became known as the First Spring. This period ended when Melkor launched a surprise attack, destroying not only the lamps but the layout of the world.   After this time, Arda was surrounded by a mighty ocean, Ekkaia or the Encircling Sea, and the continents were separated from each other by Belegaer, called the Great Sea. During the Years of the Trees, Valinor, the realm of the Valar occupying most of the continent of Aman, was lit up by the Two Trees. Middle-earth was dark. At first it was largely controlled by Melkor and his servants, but when the Elves awoke the Valar went to war against Melkor, defeating him and imprisoning him in the Halls of Mandos for "three ages". During this war, many of the westernmost areas of Middle-earth were drowned beneath the waves.   During the captivity of Melkor, the Valar invited the Elves to dwell with them in Aman. Many Elves accepted this invitation, and set out for the West; these became known as the Eldar. Along the way, some groups of Eldar, notably the Nandor and the Sindar, chose to remain in Middle-earth. The Sindar settled in the region of Beleriand, a north-western coastal area of Middle-earth.   When the Years of the Sun began, Arda experienced the so-called Second Spring, a new period of growth and vitality as a result of the light of the sun in Middle-earth. At that time, Men also awoke in the east of Middle-earth.   At the end of the First Age, Beleriand was destroyed during the War of Wrath, and much of it sank beneath Belegaer; only a few high points, such as Himring (later Himling) and parts of Dorthonion (later Tol Fuin), remained above sea level as islands.   In the Second Age, Númenor was raised in the Great Sea for the Edain. This island existed through most of the Second Age, but was destroyed as a result of the pride of the Númenórean people in defying the Ban of the Valar and sailing to Aman in the west.   During the downfall of Númenor, Arda was made round. The Undying Lands (Aman and Tol Eressëa) were taken out of the world, and could only be reached by the Elves, following the straight road that was granted to them. As Aman was taken away from Arda, new lands and continents were created.   South of Middle-earth was the Dark Land, and east of it was the Land of the Sun.     Note on this world. While this world is my own creation it didn't start off as such. In the beginning, I need a world for my dnd campaign and I used the world of Faerun from the Forgottenrealms setting and Worldanvil to give information to my players. Faerun was a world I was familiar with, and as all other Dungeon Masters know, creating your own world from scratch is impossible as a new Dungeon Master. But as many other Dungeon Masters, I gave my own spin on the setting I used. And as time went by, I found out I loved worldbuilding and preferred creation my own ideas instead of just using the world of Faerun. I couldn't stop myself from creating my own nation, people, cultures, gods and so on, and by the end it didn't feel much like Faerun anymore. With exception of a few NPC's and city's such as Waterdeep, most of the articles I wrote was my own making.   Now as of the end of May 2021, I have been writing on this world actively since October 18. 2020, and I have written more than 120.000 words. Therefore I think it is time I gave this world a new name: Tessadore and converted this fully into my own world. Of course, that will mean rewriting or deleting the things that I have been writing about from the Forgotten Realms. This will take time, and there might be old articles hidden that I have long forgotten about, that is not part of Tessadore. But I hope you as a reader will be understanding of these mistakes if you find them.