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Songs of Shadow

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The world of Ammearim is one that is ancient and vast. It's size lends to the ignorance of its peoples. Some say the great seas never end and the oceans continue on a never ending horizon of islands and continents to explore. In some corners technologies and revolutionary ideas have sparked an end to aspects of that ignorance. In other corners the world seems to never change from it's ways. Religion and science are the main enforcers of order in Ammearim. Many find purpose behind these concepts. But magic is feared and rare, with most practitioners of it being seen as having an alternate agenda. Despite the call of religion, the gods (and all their strange and otherworldly ways) are undefined and mysterious, granting their blessings and powers seemingly haphazardly to their worshippers and on whims alone.  
In the Uscon Isles, which is seen as the center of the entire world, the only peace this world has known; the Good Empress Rienlage: has died mere months previous. She was assassinated with a bolt of arcane flame through the heart, and discord spreads across the Isles and sea as warring factions point fingers and fling accusations and violence, as the cities begin the process of tumbling in on themselves. Nobles of the empire vy for the throne, while Rienlage’s spoiled children backstab each other. The Merchant Princes and pirates become bolder. Finally, an unnatural mist spreads across the land, plagues are bubbling from under the city, and with all these, strange organizations have begun to crop up in an attempt to seize power, wealth, status, or what have you.