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The High Leaders of Sorolith

The High Ones lead the land of Sorolith as kings and Queens. There is one high king/queen for each major race. This has been the way of order for hundreds of years, and the High Ones plan to keep it that way. If a member of the High Ones is killed or dies, then a new one of that race is chosen by the public. Most of the time, the public will end up just electing the previous leaders child or relative. Every few months, all High Ones meet at the Sky Temple, northwest of Leifland, for a day long meeting, to discuss all that has happened since the last meeting. Some folk see the High Ones as a corrupted government, while others see it as a beacon of hope and democracy.


The main High leader is usually either the Human leader, the Elven leader, or the Dwarven leader, but this has varied over the ages.


The High Ones are the wealthiest organization on the continent, and each member has access to a treasury filled beyond a poorman's dream. The coastal cities controlled by the High Ones each have a few war ships at their port.


The High Ones was first founded by Gerald the First, Maeve the Gala wanderer and Bulthrog the Battlin. These three eventually convinced all the other races to elect leaders, and soon the whole of Sorolith looked to them for guidance. They promised that they would share their so-called endless wisdoms with the people.


The High Ones own most of the land in Sorolith, accept for small patch which have been taken over by bandits and enemy organizations. It is not easy to flee from the eye of the High Ones.


Each High One has a whole city of warriors to manipulate and control, making it easy for them to crush their enemies.

Trade & Transport

The High Ones send weapons, troops and materials to other members of the High Ones if they are being attacked or besieged.


The children of members of the High Ones are taught by very high-end tutors.

We, the High Ones, will lead all.

Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
The High Ones
Training Level
Veterancy Level
High king/queen
Government System
Democracy, Parliamentary
Economic System
Palace economy
Legislative Body
The descendants of Gerald help maintain the High Ones and its laws.
Controlled Territories
Organization Vehicles

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