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A port town ruled by Nothe take no shit it is well known for its brothels and cheap transport.


A widely diversed port town with many unique and exotic races wondering around, although it is mainly the more criminally known races that wander amongst the town, as dodgy merchants and piracy is very common here due to the captain of the town being a pirate herself.


This is a Monarchy government as Nothe take no shit leads this town calling herself captain and she still has many years left in her. A sum of gold is needed to pay to enter the town and thus no one pays taxes instead they recieve some of their gold from the small city favun. The laws in this town is few if any as they are quite lenient as long as it does not affect the towns people or nothe herself, these laws are if caught stealing must relinquish all your gold and goods to umberlee, if caught killing you will be thrown into the ocean itself for umberlee, if bothing or harming the towns people or myself then the stocks you will go. 


25 foot tall stones walls surround the town with many pirates and mercaries guarding this place as well as the highly trained nothes guards who have mastered the monk ways.

Industry & Trade

This port town gets its money from the taxes the people who come as well as the fine stores and betrohls and also the safehaven it provides to dodgy merchants and pirates also it gets some funding from favun.


Inns and brothels, boatwrights, magic shop and potion shop, hairdressers and tailors as well as spas and blacksmiths and pet stores as well as cheap transport.


lots of random bits of cheap treasure is buried on the beach, thousands of gold pieces lie into the ocean if any dare to grab it, each store and nook in this town may hold treasures or trouble.

Guilds and Factions

Umberlee has strong sway over the town but Nothe take no shit still is the captain.


This town used to be a tiny fishing village of favun and seeing how cruel the old leader was nothe beat him up and kicked him out choosing to settle here now where she went through many negotations with lord drendel and finally they agreed that she should rule over this town.


Pirates, dodgy merchants and cheap adventurers or runaways looking for cheap transport.


this port town is mainly hard stone and ship like looking buildings with many of them having makeshift flags of their old pirate days, lots of wood and stones covered in plenty of sea foam and rain.


next to the ocean and surrounded by green plains and hills.

Natural Resources

located next to the ocean they have good defenses and a rich source of fish.
Included Locations
Characters in Location
A port town know for its piracy and brothels

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