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The Fall of the 9

Blood in blackened Sand

"And before the walls, back to stone, they made their last stand. The creatures of darkness encircled them and cried out with blood curdling screams as nails are on chalkboards. But In response, these paladins. These Templar, unfazed. Dug their heels into the sand and roared back with righteous fury enough to shake the ground and charged." - Alwin Tildi, Professor of Archaeology.   "Twelve shields. Adorned in colors spread, Nine lie sundered. And heroes lie dead. Darkened fields, upon the sand they bled, down the darkness thundered, but traitors had fled." Idoriz, Poet of Zilkin


During the second age, a group of knights rose to power within the lands, these paladins were granted incredible power from their gods, from their magical gear, and their personal training. Of all that lived on Sorenthis, it was believed that these twelve paladins held the power to protect the world, and so they became Templar. "Eru Templari kai." And so they did, winning the favor and adoration of every kingdom from famous kings to simple farmers. For years they succeeded in bringing peace, light, and comfort to those who lived in the deserts of Sorenthis. Until one day, far to the northeast, a darkness arose. It grew and grew, consuming people and landscape alike in a wave of shadow, a dark portal belching a festering plague across the land. And so, the Templar were called upon to quell the threat. | Sir Teodric, the Angel, | | Lady Ivote, the Red, | | Sir Armand, the Fox, | | Sir Louvel, the Silver, | | Sir Stefanus, the Stag, | | Sir Quinn, the Sparrow, | | Sir Geradin, the Bear, | | Sir Elias, the Mongoose, | | Sir Reinhold, the Ram, | | Sir Valeron, the Lion, | | Sir Forsai, the Dolphin, | and | Lady Averil, the Huntress.   Together they gathered on the waste within the walls of Verigan's hold and prepared to end this encroaching shadow, even summoning bards and subordinates to watch. But where was Valeron? Where was Forsai? Where was Averil? For indeed, their brothers and sister were not by their side! Pressing on regardless of their reduced number they fell on the ceaseless darkness, slaying monsters too horrifying for the eyes to properly conceive, for three days they fought, through the nights, without breaking for meals, for sleep, or for breath they fought unrelentingly, pushing back before finally Stefaunus fell, taking tens of demons with him, then Elias faltered, his breath stopped in his throat, then poor Louvel crumpled in a heap, beaten beyond recognition. Their assault buckled at these losses and they were forced to leave the heroes behind as they backpedaled to the fortress. There they were surrounded. Outmatched. Doomed. Forth Ivote stepped, her scarlet cloak flapping in the breeze, her greatmace clutched tightly in her hands, and with a nod over her shoulder. Roared defiantly and charged the encroaching force, crashing into the sea of darkness like a glowing red and gold dart, the sheer force of the Templar's slam into the enemy causing the stone walls to shake violently forcing those upon and within to retreat.   No living soul knows for sure what happened within that wall, but the golden light of the Templar shone into the sky all through the night, and when dawn broke, all of them lay slain. What was left of them was recovered and buried in the "Tomb of the Nine" where they lie immortalized to this day.

Historical Basis

Though most believe that the Legend has some basis of truth. All so called evidence is found in books, poems, and songs. None has yet to uncover the mythical "Tomb of the Nine" mentioned in the legend.   Though, enough people believe in it that the names of specific Templar are invoked as Patrons of Battles, Overseers in Feasts, and more.   Some believe that the two male traitor knights were the ancient kings "Forsai" and "Ulric [Valeron]" Though the validity of this claim is often put into question.

In Literature

The Tragedy is often referred to in poems, song, and books. It's one of the most popular legends in the world

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