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Dark Sanctuary

Far beneath the rolling sands and deep within the winding tunnels of the Deathsworn temple lies the Dark Sanctuary. An alter drenched in shadow and blood, used for the profane ritual that all Deathsworn eventually undergo.

Purpose / Function

This shadowy chamber in the heart of any Deathsworn compound is a holy place to the cult. Where a true initiate might commune with the higher powers of death and understand it's power over and insignificance against the power of life. Several artifacts are kept in hollows surrounding the room symbolizing crypts of their own. In the center of the room is an altar. This altar known as "The Life Alter" in reference to the ritual that takes place upon it.   The Ritual of Unending Life requires a prepared initiate to commit ritualistic suicide upon the Altar. If done correctly, the initiate will rise again an immortal warlock of the dark. A Master Necromancer and healer with dominion over life.

Sensory & Appearance

The air in the Sanctuary is always warm and smells of blood, acrid Iron fills the nostrils and burns the eyes a little, but most disturbingly, it feels incredibly peaceful. Reverent. You shouldn't be comfortable with this, but to your horror... You are.


Within atriums dug into the wall reside various artifacts that the Deathsworn hold dear. Amulets to their god hung on glistening golden chains, the still sentient skulls of ancient elders, ritual daggers, plague boxes, alchemical supplies, and more.


Each Sanctuary is slightly different, with only the Alter remaining the same between all the generations of the room existing.


Sealed by heavy cast Iron doors every moment of every day unless an initiate is committing the ritual or a Grandmaster wishes to commune. The Dark Sanctuary is a wonder few see. Gothic columns reach in large arches to the roof, making a sort of dome shape over the Altar in the middle of the room. The Altar itself is of stone, inlaid with steel and gold highlights for decoration. Several channels slowly drain the table of blood, causing it to trickle down the sides and into channels that run to the edges of the room. When you've several hundred years to make something just so, you'll only accept the best. most Sanctuaries have clear skid marks on stone and tool gashes as old works of art, metalwork, and stonework were removed and replaced with more ornate and beautiful pieces. Signifying rebirth.

Alternative Names
The Profane Reliquary, The Life Alter.
Room, Religious, Shrine

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