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The initial superkingdom of Sorenthis, tasked with looking out for all other small hamlets and governing the world, science and magic flourished there together.


The Hammer: Farmers and working level, usually the lowest of society, but respected as one of the pillars that hold life up in Adrilion. They represent and supply the livelihood of the nation.   The Quill: Mages and Scribes that pioneer magic and knowledge, they support the other pillars with their findings and push the society as a whole.   The Chisel: Artisans and Craftsmen who replicate the Quill's discoveries and populate the world with them, distributing the mechanisms and buildings around   The Scale: Judges and Magistrates in charge of distributing food and supplies, keeping the peace, and being communication intermediaries.


The Judges and Magistrates of the Pillar of the Scale are in charge of resolving domestic disputes, distributing products, and directing labor operations. Basically everything goes through them at some point.

Alternative Name(s)
Billions over time
Inhabitant Demonym

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