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"The winds bring change, but they also still themselves."

Divine Domains

The Wind, Changes, Stagnation

Often disregarded until storms are thrown around, [Name] has been described as childish, a dreamer, and a patron deity of those who may have big goals yet do not seem to live up to their goals.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Three wavy lines that curl into a single swirl

Tenets of Faith

Change is like the winds - always moving, but not always in the same ways.
Understanding the change, or the lack thereof is the first part of knowing if to change or stay the same.
Stagnation is when changes meet an end, and one must take another route.


Festival of Winds - An event where the wyvern riders of the [DCE] are remembered for being chased off and killed by [gian bird] riders. However, the [giant birds] have become at risk of extinction, so modern Tormian youths climb tall towers and "sail" down to the ground with flight-like contraptions.

  • The current flight record in 500 feet in 13.45 seconds with a balloon that got snagged in some trees and ripped

Physical Description

Body Features

Pale green "edging" to their form suggesting a constant shift in appearance from age or genders.

Facial Features

Like their hair, [name] has "edging" to indicate form, though they are usually perceived as an Elven person, as if in a constant state of changing in terms of age or gender.

Identifying Characteristics

The pale, transparent form only differentiated by pale green "edging" and the hair that moves regardless of any breeze.

Divine Classification
Minor God
Current Location
Elven Pantheon Realm
Elven Pantheon Realm
The Temple of Winds
Biological Sex
Clear eyes that seem without color at all ringed with pale green "edging"
Clear in color, is it worn as long curls that seem to always be in motion dependant on [their] mood. Individual sections have a pale green highlight or "edging"

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