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The [Sunless Citadel]

In ancient days long gone, the Citadel stood on the surface, however, as Our Blessed Lady, Saint Antral tore down the [Dragon Cult Empire], the war was not limited to only Estopi and Oestopi Cities, but across Theydim, scarring the land.   The citadel stood at the edge of such a scar in the land, and in one earthquake, sank into the Daggermark Ravine.

Purpose / Function

It was more a palace than a walled city, though the nearby city-town of Oakenfield once would evacuate into the Citadel before the Empire fell, and before the Citadel sank into Daggermark Ravine.


The Citadel is built of stone in high Gothic arches. Some of the once-magical aspects of the structure have fallen as the magic has faded away with time, causing the Citadel to fall into further ruin.
Inside, the architecture has been accented by the signs of rudimentary Dwarven habitation, Dragonkin habitation, and Goblin habitation, though the dwarven symbols are decades old, while Dragonkin and Goblins have lived in the span of centuries.


The Citadel was once a Temple-like citadel to the Dragon God Coryduin. [Stuff stuff stuff Coryduin is going to need a page for more details, stuff about rituals, stuff about the locals fleeing to the Citadel here].
At some point, goblins moved into the Citadel, and they and the Dragonkin have been warring for the ruins to live within.
Thirty or so years ago, one of the local merchant's two children went adventuring into the Citadel with a party of strangers, and died. A pair of dwarves, Ferish the Half-Orc, and Thorn Half-Elven had gone into the Citadel at her request to recover her children from the ruin.
A druid was using the dead as bodyguards for his own goals, and was killed as a means to avenge the dead adventurers. As most of the goblins were cleared from the Citadel, the two dwarves decided to inhabit the ruins themselves. Thorn and Ferish parted ways and made for their own historical events.

Acropolis / Citadel
Parent Location
Daggermark Ravine

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