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Saint Antral and the Dragons

This is a loose framework, individual variations make be under "Prose" articles that I will be working on (hopefully soon).


Dragons ruled over the mortals while trying to become Gods.
The Gods took back their rightful place through the actions of Saint Antral who was their Champion.
The Dragons and their abominable offspring were chased from Soplas, and those who faltered were slain.

Historical Basis

Theydim is a scarred region, with unnatural ravines.
The Dragons have not been seen since the end of their empire at the closing of the First Age. Dragonborn are shunned from society if not killed. Dragonkin (Kobolds) are only tolerated so long as they generally remember their social place.
There are ruins everywhere of the Empire, and some that are even older depicting the Thydian gods instead of the Dragons.


Fairly common, though Antral is only a saint to the followers of the Thydian gods.

Variations & Mutation

Some areas attribute battles to their area based on ruins or unnatural ravines.

Cultural Reception

The further away from Theydim, the more it is told as a way of "Humans were cleaning up their own mess."
In Theydim, there are Orders dedicated to the Gods to always fight the remnants of the Empire.

In Literature

Theydim uses Antral as an idealized feminine model.

Date of Setting
0 Age 2
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