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Goltherine Council

"We are the Council of Goltheris, the representatives of our Districts, and the ones the [Pillar Gods] have seen fit to place here."


Goltherine Counselors are elected from their District Councils to represent the Districts before the rest of Goltheris.

Public Agenda

To safeguard the [Pillars]'s commands of us in a balance, and to lead Goltheris away from its civil-warring past into a united future.

Technological Level

Artificers have been leading Goltheris into a combination of Magical Clockworks powered by Steam engines.
Governmental, Senate/Parliament
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Judicial Body
The Priest of The Gallery
Neighboring Nations


Goltherine wants Warforged Cannons and Magic Guns in particular because certain individuals and groups have managed to acquire those weapons.

The Southards are happy to sell Warforged Cannons, but will not sell the guns, as the guns are only for the protection of the Families.

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