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Forest Elves

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Names that appear to be evocative of birds, bugs, trees.

Masculine names

Names that tend to be evocative of the wind, beasts, plants.

Unisex names

Names ending with the letter "u" forming a voiced part of the syllable, and names evocative of snakes, small mammals, and abstract concepts.

Family names

Family names tend to be poetic, and based on the abstract elemental concepts as well as physical ones.


Historical figures

In the history of Tormyra, the Forest Elves gave the world a recurring hero born as The Three return. The fate of the most recent has not been recorded as having ended in the previous cycle.


Beauty Ideals

Beauty is found in small physical things and items of purpose carved to artful form without giving up their purpose. Items that appear to serve one function, while hiding others are deemed to be as beautiful as any statue.

Gender Ideals

Surprisingly of all the Elves, Forest Elves do not have gender roles, rather their culture had little need to worry about arranging such things, they simply have people act as they are proficient.

Relationship Ideals

Ideally, any relationship would be built upon comfort, respect, affection, and mutual benefits between individuals.

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