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Admiral Saltspire

Admiral Boondiggle Bipsworth (a.k.a. Admiral Bipsworth Saltspire)

"In a world that already looks down on me for reasons not my fault, I stand here ready to face the enemies of the world whether or not they deserve it, but because here on the seas, I am the undisputed master of my domain.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

His mother passed away from injuries sustained prior to his birth, but the midwife was a kobold who sheltered him until she could fake him passing away in the night and smuggle him to a nearby town, under the care of a family of gnomes she knew. As Dragonborn appear like elf-blooded humans for their first twenty years, with small patches of scales growing starting when they're fifteen, he was startled to find these strange patches of scales growing from being a small scale or a cluster in places easy to hide, to larger stretches of scales on skin.
He always knew he was adopted (hard not to notice when as a three year old, he was rivalling older siblings in height), but he was not the only adopted by gnomes in his town.
When he started develop the scale-patches, he started to hide them as the gnomes and their kobold friend told him others wouldn't understand what they were.


Admiral of the Saltspire Fleet (Mercenary/Privateer)

Failures & Embarrassments

Any of his names other than Bipsworth Saltspire. He killed a dude for using his original birthname, who was not a member of his family.

Mental Trauma

Discovering he is not an elf-blooded Human, but rather a Dragonborn, his world was shattered, as every possible history he ever made up for who his parents was absolutely impossible. Since then, he has rebuilt himself a new "Family".

Current Location
Port Frostfind
Bronze Dragonborn
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Captain, Commodore, Admiral [Ranks between to be placed in later, look up Naval titles]
Year of Birth
7 (39 years old)
Circumstances of Birth
His mother passed from circumstances other than his birth.

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