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Five Kingdoms, Six lands, One Continent half-known.
Will you leave a mark, or join the forgotten?

The ruins of an ancient empire that once spanned most of four of the kingdoms scar the continent.
The War over the Contested Lands, the War over soul-based magic. A Civil War over change and fear.
Heroes are not always marked, some stumble into place.
The Warforged Heroes who are unknowingly fulfilling the will of the Gods, good or ill for the world.
But not all tales are of the Warforged Heroes, some reach back into the distant past, others have their own fates played by the Gods.

What is the value of a soul, in the end?
What will your story be? Will you die a hero, see yourself become a villain, or drown in among the mediocre?

Primary Plots -

Something is destroying Warforged outside the city walls in the kingdom of Tormyra.
Theydim is in the midst of civil war as the High King has died without an heir - and magic users not tied to a God are subjected to suspicion.
Goltheris is a massive city-kingdom of light and justice, but on the lower levels reveals the dark truths of the faces above.
[placeholder] is in economic turmoil as the Overseers of the factory-cities struggle to maintain the quota and the Families quibble over every last gold piece.
The kingdom of [placeholder 2] fights a holy war to save the cursed souls within the Warforged.
In the Contested Lands, why is the war being fought at all?

Table of Contents



Accidents in Power

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e)

Lyraine's first real run at GM'ing for D&D 5e

The Campaign is Full




  • Map of Oakenfield and surrounding areas
  • Map of Family Hierarchies
  • Map of Rough map of Soplas

    This is a Work In Progress Campaign Setting Map.

    Brown - Mountains
    Blue - Water
    Green - Forest
    Dark Green - Rainforest
    White - Ice
    Blue-ish-Teal - Swamp
    Black - Borders

    Clockwise from the top -

    Theydim - Think Skyrim and Ferelden (Dragon Age), sort of the baseline Medieval Europe, tied together by a treaty binding each of the "minor kingdoms" into one kingdom.  
    Factory-Cities - Swamp, Factories that contain cities. "Profits are King, Budget is Queen."  
    Goltheris - Massive city-like nation that engulfed the towns along the way to its expansion. Nation is broken into districts based on the towns they used to be. Industry is a major business, but the districts are also dealing with standard high-population problems.  
    Rainforest - Rainforest empire slowly spreading north. The empire uses magic more than technology due to technology mostly being (very) pre-miniaturization stages and magic is far more useful.  
    Tormyra - Hyrule-like, Mageocratic culture at mid-mountain range altitude for the majority of it's realm, though the region does level with the rest with the river, and then towards the south with Rainforest.  
    Central Disputed Region - torn up by wars dating back centuries, but still retains valuable farming land and central location for trade.  
    Not shown, Under the Mountains Dwarven Empire - With a culture preferring to deal with their issues themselves without outsiders, they are used to "fixing the odds" to ensure that Luck is on their side against when the World Shakes and the Ceiling Cracks.
    Note: The mountains in the rainforest in the South-west area are unknown to the rest of Soplas, except for the Rainforest Empire who know the world beyond Soplas