The setting of Sonomia

Winter Caris 23rd 924 AR

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Editorial Team

Sonomia is a planet built to be a plausible what if, these what ifs are:
  • What if Earth was bigger and slightly more tipped over?
  • What if the sun was bigger so we orbited farther way?
  • What if there was magic?
  • What if there was more than one kind of magic?
These are the questions I am looking to answer in Sonomia. It is going to try to be a world that will blend the science of nature as we know it here on Earth with the fantasy of magic and how we could adapt to use the different types and styles of magic to change the world. I plan on getting everything created, everything from the neighboring planets and how which ones can be seen at night to the different styles of houses in different neighborhoods. What some would call unnecessary details such as the seasonal variation of day length or where fault lines are placed are going to be thought out and worked though in Sonomia. The end goal is creating a world that can house books, RPG campaigns, and maybe even it's own languages. This goal is huge, probably too huge. But if nothing else it gives me something to do on those slow days.