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Quartz Coast Currency

In Dellwind, money flows between the powerful in hoards that would make a commoner weep. As the Q.C. became established, Dells found the need to differentiate their currency from the Aomian forms. While conventions and value remain relatively similar between most of Sonnerand's nations, Dellwind has names and styles of currency unique to the City of Titans. A common trend of Dellwind's currency are the marvelous designs engraved into the coins. These are done by the Mason, Stonecutter, and Metallurgist Guild and updated every few years.     Currency Types
  • Copper Chip (1 Chip = 1 cp) This is a triangular piece of copper, about one inch on any side. Called "chips" by the Dells. Minted with one of the city's symbolic animals, the humble gull, on one side and the motto, "One and Every", on the other.
  • Silver Cut (1 Cut = 10 CC) A cut is a square piece of silver, also one inch on any side. "Cuts" are minted with intricate engravings of rose lattices on the outer rim of the faces of the coin and are bumpy at the sides. One side has a triangular blank space with a small millimeter rim, designed to stack chips into. The other has a detailed rose.
  • Gold Stag (1 Stag = 100 CC) Stags are twice the size of chips and cuts. They have another of the city's symbols, the proud stag, engraved on one side. On the other is a shallow square blank space meant for cuts to be fit into.
  • Brass Plaza (1 Plaza = 200 CC) A plaza is a currency unique to Dellwind. It is a brass square plate, 3 inches on each side, with rounded edges. The center is left open and a stag can be fit into the space. The plaza is engraved with a bustling market on one side and open farmland on the other. Famously, when a stag is fit inside the side with farmland, it looks like the stag is a natural part of the engraved setting.
  • Platinum Star (1 Star = 1000 CC) Stars look, unsurprisingly, like an eight-pointed star and are big enough to fill a palm. Each spur of a star contain spear-point that is directed towards the center of the star, where the final of the symbolic animals, the doomed swordfish, is brightly engraved and surrounded. On the other side, each spur has a triangular space for a chip and the center has an open space for a plaza. Rimming the space for the plaza are the names of each Dellwindian noble family in tiny text.
  • Dragon Claw (1 Claw = 5000 CC) Claws are shaped in dirk-like crescents and made of gleaming platinum and electrum. They are eight inches long. Engraved in electrum on one side is a resting dragon while on the other is a fleet of electrum ships and again the motto "One and Every". One side of a claw is flared and known as the "base". Plazas, stars, or both fitted together can be inserted onto the claw, with a maximum total of 15 fitting onto a claw. The base itself has a blank space made for a further gold stag to be inserted into. The maximum amount of wealth one claw can have affixed to it is 23,231 CC.
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