Johnny's, On the Spot

You're in Good Company

"Ahhh, good ol' Johnny's. Only place in town you can get a proper halfling lamb stew! I tell ya one thing though, it's a good thing they got all that grass 'n' lavender all over the place. Does a good job at hiding all the, er, 'stains' that patrons and pets leave behind." -- Sizbap Packlepop
    As a beacon of culture and a haven for people of various creeds and backgrounds, Dellwind hosts a stunning number of establishments. In a city of hidden vices, taverns, speakeasies, and bars constitute a huge majority Dellwind's domestic industry. With a plethora of options, it is easy to find something for everyone.   Well, almost everyone, that is. Which is exactly what Johnny Pyntinny, a Halfling originally from the southern town of Junction, thought when he came to Dellwind 15 years ago. Inspired to create something different from the hustle and bustle of the city and its establishments, Johnny prioritized community, nature, and peace in his design. On the quiet streets of Dellwind's Brineton district, rests a miniature park and tavern known as "Johnny's, On the Spot."  

Here, A Good Neighbor's Easy to Find

  Rounded windows adorned within numerous flowering plants decorate the stone exterior of Johnny's, On the Spot. A large wooden display board outside the front doors bare both the name of the establishment as well as that day's menu. Laughter, song, and conversation can often be heard from the sidewalk just outside the oaken double doors, along with the tempting scent of freshly baked meat pies and apple tarts.   Stepping into the building reveals that interior is fashioned into a lawn. This is not turf. Johnny sows and maintains the lush grass inside the business himself (with a little help). This in of itself is a huge draw for the tavern, as the inside is set up like a garden party. Intricately patterned patio tables, artisan wooden chairs, and rustic jar-like drinking glasses add to the naturalistic flair. Numerous lights, windows, and candlelight give the verdant space a cozy and warm vibe that patrons adore.   Johnny's, On the Spot is divided into three floors, each with its own "yard." These floors can be accessed to patrons either by climbing the stone spiral staircase in the storage rooms, or by using the motorized staircase in the front. This staircase comes equipped with a chair lift.   On each floor, big bushy clumps of lavender plants are strewn about the edges of the wall and center dwelling. While not primarily an inn, Johnny's has a total of 10 rooms available for rent, with the elegance and richness of the rooms increasing with the floor level.   On each level of the tavern a house-like dwelling rests in the center of the yard. This is the "home" and it is where the barkeeps and cooks gather drinks and cook food. This house is stylized to look like halfling homes in Junction. Patrons can watch the chefs and bartenders work through windows placed into the wall of the home. The home also has a staircase that leads up to the other yards.   Guests at Johnny's are encouraged to operate with a sense of cordialness and community. Guests are referred to as "neighbors" by the staff, and they encourage patrons to call them this as well. Fighting and arguments are strictly forbidden in Johnny's, and those who stir up a ruckus are unceremoniously banned for life.  

The Owner

  Johnny Pyntinny is a kind-hearted man on the cusp of his 2nd century of life. When he's not making menus or serving in the bar, he can be found wandering his yards or tending to the lavender plants. Johnny has a fantastic track record as a patient and sociable tavern owner. If you're new to the bar, chances are Johnny will be around to chat with you in under thirty minutes. He is cited by many as one of the friendliest people in Dellwind, and certainly with a heart far larger than his size would let on.   Most folks know Johnny is from Junction, a crossroads town about 100 miles south of Dellwind. However, Johnny seldom talks about his personal life; though he will make plenty of statements on nature, halfling culture, and his interests. As a tavern keeper, Johnny says it was "inevitable" that he would take up homebrewing as a hobby. In a cool cellar beneath the building, Johnny has multiple kegs of his unique 'Lavender Wine.' Alas, Johnny seems to be the only person who can stomach more than a small glass of the stuff. Other patrons, in as polite of words as they can, find it disgusting. This doesn't discourage the halfling, as he's convinced it will eventually become the next big thing (he swears).    


    Garret Gladerest - As a fellow halfling, Garret cherishes the effort and care put into Johnny's in order to make it resemble the idyllic halfling communities far outside of town. Along with his husband, a half-orc named Torka, Garret makes and supplies the kegs used by Johnny to age his lavender wine and store the various ales served in the establishment.   Charly Arning - Though Johnny's has a strict no-violence policy, fights inevitably break out when alcohol is involved. Johnny's, On the Spot does not have a bouncer, but it does have Charly, a city watch member. He's been coming to Johnny's since it first opened and if a fight does break out, nine times out of ten it is Charly that puts an end to it.   Caramina Truegild - Carmina is an aspiring author and has been coming to Johnny's to work on her novels for years. She has published two books based entirely off the stories and tales she's heard, called My Neighbor's Folklore. Her latest work has seen her working closely with Johnny and his staff to construct prose based on traditional halfling poetry.   Sizbap Packlepop - An older halfling gentleman, Sizbap prefers the tranquility that comes with having a drink at Johnny's. As a bit of an eccentric inventor, he's always tinkering with some new invention. This is begrudgingly allowed by Johnny, even though Sizbap's inventions have caught fire and damaged entire yards in the past.   Eryx Volgenshire - An androgynous human associated with the Loch Lurkers of East Lodge, a naturalistic conclave of rangers who protect the land from threats and pollution. Eryx appreciates Johnny's for its stance against violence and for its commitment to reducing waste. Eryx frequently does favors for Johnny, such as finding rare herbs in the wild for his next dish.  

Tall Tales

  Johnny's Past - By far the most prominent and localized rumor within the tavern concerns Johnny's past. Even though the halfling is nearly 200 years old, he barely talks about his life before coming to Dellwind.
"I don't need to know. Honestly. ...But between you and me I think something bad happened to his family. I mean, you ever see kids, a partner, parents? The guy's hiding something DARK." -- Charly Arning   "Nah, that ain't it. You kiddin' me? That guy could have any partner in the city he wanted. Truth is he doesn't NEED it. Know why? 'Cause he's actually a fey in disguise. I mean why the hell else would anyone willingly drink lavender wine?!" -- Sizbap   "Of course I know details, but I'm not at liberty to share." -- Caramina   "Eh, I don't really know or care; he seems happy at least. If I had to put money down, I'd say he was doing something bigger than any of us will know when he was younger. Maybe a druid." -- Eryx
Down the Hatch - There's a common sentiment among regulars: the lavender wine is terrible. That being said, they're quite positive that is someone were to down multiple bottles of the soapy drink Johnny would reward them in droves. Even better, someone may be able to convince him to change the recipe. Key to the Town - Long standing regulars at the bar will tell of a reward Johnny will give out to adventurers who do him a great service. Though this hasn't happened in over a decade, some talk of a decorative key they've seen Johnny give to certain heroes. Where it leads to... they have no clue.  
"It's for sure some cache of that awful wine. Probably the best of the bunch, distilled even! Distilled! I've been tellin' him to do that for years!!" -- Sizbap   "I'm not too sure on that one... I've been waiting for someone to earn the key so I can find out myself!" -- Garret   "I've been trying to get that key for years! I'm the one who does Johnny's taxes, doesn't that qualify me for it? I thought this guy doesn't like violence as a means to an end." -- A disgruntled city employee
  If These Walls Could Talk - Even back when Johnny first procured the tavern, prices for homesteads, businesses, and business licenses were astronomically high in the Brineton district. Many have wondered just how Johnny, an outsider, could get the bar so quickly. Some have speculated that there may be things hidden underneath the manicured lawns.

On Tap

Treasure Hoard TPA (Tand Pale Ale)
Refreshing bitter ale with hand picked hops. Brewed with the spirit of dragons! 3 cp
Sunkissed Lager
Easy and drinkable. With grains fed by the Cerulean Spring. 3 cp  
Seelie Brewing Co. Cream Ale
Malt and maize come together into this silky beverage. 5 cp
Bluffbait Stout
A dry and chocolatey swill with notes of coffee. 6 cp
Sliver Valley White
A crisp, dry, and delicate wine made with plump white Sliver Valley grapes just outside the city. 1 sp
Sonder Red
Sultry and smooth, this wine was developed in the upper ashfields of the Sonder Hills. 1 sp
Johnny's Own Lavender Wine
Made by yours truly! Probably the best thing on the menu honestly. 1 cp

The Menu

  Pub Pieces - A full basket of pretzel bites served with your choice of either beer cheese, honey mustard, or cinnamon cream dipping sauces! 4 cp   Potato Bites - Lightly salted and boiled gnocchi topped with a generous sprinkle of parmesan cheese and kale pesto. 5 cp   Herdsman Salad - Arugula and chunks of avocado with a lemony balsamic vinaigrette and parmesan flakes. 3 cp  
  The Dinner Party - Meat pies just the way you like! Choose between beef, sausage, chicken, or chanterelle mushroom filling. Cooked with carrots, onion, celery, thyme, and tomatoes all picked from our garden! Served with mashed potatoes. 1 sp   Petezah - An opened meat pie spread out into a wide circle and baked in our wood oven and topped with melty mozzarella cheese. 1 sp 2 cp   Veggie Clams - Four big pasta shells stuffed full of roasted butternut squash, sautéed zucchini, and fried cauliflower and held together by a savory spinach and cashew crème. 8 cp  
  Faerie Hugs - Deliciously tart green apples roasted in honey sugar syrup and stuffed into a golden brown flakey crust. 2 cp   Junction Bombs - Dense chocolate cupcakes served beside locally made vanilla soft serve with a warm gooey honey peanut core. 5 cp   Spot Cakes - Lemon custard mixed with a light hint of vanilla served with crumbled shortbread and lavender petals. 3 cp
Founding Date
419 PD
Alternative Names
The Spot -- Or just "Johnny's"
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location


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