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Pureblooded Devourers

* This articles refers solely to Pureblooded Devourers, the originals, who became what they are through mutations induced by Chronite radiation. Click on these links if you wish to know more about Hybrid devourers or the Forsaken.  


  Due to the chronite radiation they have been exposed to, devourers passed through thousands of mutations. The purebloods that may be seen these days are those who succeeded and who managed to adapt and survive in the cruel environment that the underground had become, meaning they are the best adapted and strongest of their decadent species. Although the exact reason is unknown, these purebloods possess diverse supernatural abilities, being able to perform feats that are not shy of miracles or far from the realm of magic.   Their bodies are almost infinitely stronger than that of humans, they are incomprehensibly faster and tougher and, to add insult to injury, they can infinitely regenerate and it seems not possible - to anyone but another pureblood or devourer - to kill a pureblooded devourer. The only real threat to a pureblood is another pureblood, and that's because of the venom they possess, specially designed to inescapably destroy their bodies, or at least turn then unusable and vulnerable enough for them to be permanently destroyed.   Pureblooded devourers are centers that concentrate chronite radiation - or ether, as it is nowadays - and store a large amount of it. Somehow, the theory is that their poison affects this energy within them and turns it against themselves. The more energy a devourer has at the time the poison is inoculated, the faster the poison's action. A pureblood that is bitten by another will have their body slowly crystallized and paralyzed, taking the form of a statue.   For this reason, most pureblood devourers are reluctant to make public appearances, and prefer to make use of their servants - hybrid devourers, forsaken, or humans - to carry out their wishes. Any moment when they are outside the safety of their own domain could spell the end, and for someone who has been alive that long, this could be their greatest fear. Since ancient times, the practice of using servants to fight their battles has been evident to purebloods.

Basic Information


Soul Devourers, Devourers, revenants, leeches or even vampires (Homo sapiens perpetuus), as they may be called by humans, are a different branch on the normal human evolution tree, having split off from the main branch hundreds of millions of years ago. Much like humans, a devourer's body is comprised of a head, neck, trunk (which includes the thorax and abdomen), arms and hands, legs and feet, though they are infinitely more resistant and stronger.

Genetics and Reproduction

It is largely accepted that pureblooded devourers are infertile and unable to reproduce their bodies through sexual methods. The purebloods that are still alive to this day are believed to have been this way since an unknown point hundreds of millions of years ago, meaning that no other purebloods have been born since. Consequently, it is impossible to estimate the correct age of purebloods, as well as the length of time it may have taken them to reach this point.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Pureblooded devourers went through a period of cannibalism through hematophagy, but it is believed to have been a long time since they had the need for this practice. Currently, any pureblooded devourer should, at least theoretically, be able to survive on the basis of the chronite radiation emitted from the mineral that caused the evolution of their species alone. Confined to the surface, where the mineral is non-existent, purebloods must consume the energy of ether, or soul, emitted by humans who were exposed to chronite long ago.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Having evolved in the dimly lit environment that existed underground in Askria, with the only source of light being that produced by the veins of chronite that existed in the region, devourers have an extremely well-adapted vision, being able to see in the deepest pitch. This harms them during the day, however, when the large amount of light can be painful. Being predators, and having evolved to fulfill this position, they also have their other senses enhanced to their maximum capacity. Hearing, smell, taste and touch are all super developed.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Nomenclature is a primarily human construct, and often discarded almost completely by purebloods. Some devourers take on human names that are pertinent to the region in which they currently find themselves, and change these to suit their own trivial need or will. Others choose a permanent name that they use to identify each other in their society, while some others will choose to not use any name at all, keeping to a state of permanent and semi-savagery.

Major Organizations

The Society. 
The Order.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Homo sapiens perpetuus
Conservation Status
Pureblooded devourers are ever increasingly rare, and may be considered at the brink of extinction.
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