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Dawnia is currently the bigger and most influential kingdom to exist in Somnium, with it's base being in the Norad Highlands in Seentria, where the Kingdom of Cysteriah once existed. The kingdom is divided in four provinces named after the independent kingdoms which inhabited Seentria before the Dawnian Wars of Conquest, and has two overseas territories: the Craftford Island and the Principality of Sogeryah, in Lameeria.   It has ties with Authusia in Enduuriah, with Nowigaria in Fahantia and owns land in Lameeria with Sogeryah. The area controlled by the Dawnian United Kingdom extends over 28.2M Km², with more than 50 million people living under its rule. The method of division chosen by the Dawnian United Kingdom, giving the original lands of the kingdoms that formed it with relative freedom to govern themselves, was essential to the maintenance of its structure, with so many people living in its territory.   The name "Dawnia" comes from the now destroyed Duchy of Dawnia, a part of the Cysteriah Kingdom during the Treacherous War it fought against both Ahrmoriah and Cimmeriah. After being taken by Ahrmoriah due to King Cedric's inaction, Lexander I of Dawnia rebelled against Cysteriah and retook it by himself, starting the Dawnian Wars of Conquest.  


Tribal Period:  Following the inexplicable Wipe Out of the Fabled Seentriaese Empire, several human tribes were scattered throughout Seentria, trying to figure out how to survive without the protection of the aforementioned empire. The Skaala are the tribe believed to have left the main continent for Craftford Island and eventually to Enduuriah. The Cerulean and Androsi, two tribes that settled on the Somnemshore Coast, fought each other constantly. Eventually, the Androsi were victorious and their culture absorbed that of the Cerulean. From their Sormium settlement, they established the Kingdom of Ahrmoriah, and started expanding towards the rest of the seentriaese lands.    The ahrmoriaish expansion drove out the Exuvians from their ancestral lands in the Exuvian Coast to Norad Highlands, where they built the settlement of Saggery, establishing the Kingdom of Romariah afterwards. The Wescraven migrated from Somnemshore Coast and made for the Yellow River Valley, where they built the Vaul Morverth settlement and lived in relative peace with the Aemetrius from Emitra. They took a stand against the ahrmoriaish invasion, and while succesful, only the Wescraven remained to reap the spoils and establish the Kingdom of Cymmeriah. The Aemetrius were ravaged from the conflict and took almost a hundred years to build the Kingdom Cimmeriah in Farshore Coast, where they had retreated to.   Warring Period: The kingdoms of Cysteriah and Romariah formed a political alliance against the possible future threat posed by their common enemy. Recalling the period when they fought together against the Kingdom of Ahmoriah, Cimmeriah also joined this alliance, fearing the expansion of the Kingdom of Ahmoriah into their lands. When all their fears were realized, and Ahrmoriah began a violent expansion into the lands of Romariah, Cysteriah kept their promise and set out to defend their ally. While Cimmeriah kept their promise at first, it started negotiations with Ahrmoriah behind Cysteriah and Romariah's backs, allowing Ahrmoriah to fuel its war efforts to continue for far longer than they originally could.    When the possibility arose for the Kingdom of Cysteriah to find out about the Kingdom of Cimmeriah's betrayal, they surprised Cysteriah by suddenly attacking, joining the war and turning the tables in Ahrmoriah's favor. Kingdom of Romariah's uncertainty became clear, and the situation looked dire for Cysteriah during the reign of Cedric Caine, who began to lose their original lands to the expansion of Cimmeriah and Ahrmoriah. This very expansion may have changed the future of the war, for Lexander I of Dawnia did not allow the taking of the Duchy of Dawnia to go unpunished. He rebelled from Cysteriah, retook Dawnia, starting the Dawnian Wars of Conquest.   Unification Period: The task ahead wasn't easy, and the new Dawnian Kingdom had just acquired three powerful enemies in one smooth motion. After winning the seemingly impossible Battle of Theolis due to his military genius, Lexander used his position of advantage to secure a deal with Romariah, marrying the princess Vellena Craftford and refreshing the strength and moral of his army. Betraying all expectations, the Kingdom of Dawnia won all subsequent battles against the Kingdom of Ahrmoriah, reclaiming the Romariahite lands and fulfilling Lexander's promise to Romariah. Lexander tried to carry out peaceful negotiations with Cedric of Cysteriah, but the latter used treachery by forming a false relationship between his daughter, Gelendya and Lexander, who ended up with a bastard son.   Cedric would have executed Lexander and used his son to rule the Dawnian Kingdom, but Queen Vellena came to rescue her husband alongside Volitien, a Romariahite spy. Both managed to free Lexander, allowing him to rally his armies and swiftly destroy Cedric's center of power before he could react. Gelendya was forced to abort and died of unknown reasons soon after. Gelendya was forced to abort and died of unknown reasons soon after. Having taken the Kingdom of Cysteriah and being done with trying to negotiate with treacherous kings, Lexander took Cimmeriah through violent conquest, ignoring all cimmeriite calls of surrender. Thus, the Dawnian United Kingdom was born, alongside the Corbin Line of Kings, started by Lexander and Vellena's descendants.

"United we stood, united we conquered."

Founding Date
1 AR
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Dawnian United Kingdom, Kingdom of Dawnia, The Bloody Kingdom
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Transnational government
Economic System
Market economy
Neighboring Nations
Related Species

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