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Written by Mustang


Authusia is the northernmost of the two kingdoms existing in the continent of Enduuriah, the other being Freysia. Most of Authusia's territory lies to the east of the Uriah Mountains, where it borders Lysicia, Freystormia, Semeria and Littlehall, with only a small part of it to the west, where it has borders with Grias.   The Kingdom of Authusia is the second greatest nation contained in Enduuriah, extending over 12.4M Km² and with about 6 million people calling it home. It loses only to Freysia, with 2M Km² in advantage to its competitor. Authusian land is currently divided in between 72 counties, seneschalities and lands.   The word Authusia means "Redemption" in Rosenhali, and was chosen to be the new name of the kingdom's capital by Jamys in order to appease his wife, Jeanette, whose tribes' lands had been taken by his brother Bleu during his Independence War against the Dawnian United Kingdom.  


Tribal Period: Since time immemorial, the Enduuriaard Continent has been inhabited by humans, though currently there are only two main explanations as to how they got there exactly. The False History theorizes they made their way from Seentria to the Craftford Island, then to the small islands laying south of the mainland before finally reaching Enduuriah and spreading throughout the land. Tradition of the native peoples, however, dictates that they came from the northeast before spreading, a theory which has been widely discarded as impossible or fabled because such a navigation was not considered to be possible during that time. For this to be feasible, an inland connection with either Fahantia or Seentria would have been needed, and this is considered unreal by most scholars.   The Enduuriard peoples divided into several small tribes that constantly competed with each other for dominance of their territories. Three of the human tribes that formed in Enduuriah, the Rosenhali, the Semeritans and the Aryans, settled in the region that became known as Authusia and were the ancestors of modern Authusians. Rosenhal adopted a pacifist policy and established more or less friendly relations with the other tribes, refraining from conflict. This is believed to be what allowed the Rosenhali to maintain their culture and identity, while the Aryans weakened themselves by partaking in petty conflicts and withered over the years, eventually being absorbed by the Semeritans.   Dynasty Period: The Semeritans were, at some point, driven out of their ancestral home by the Abergorii, Caltaiin and Vetians, invading tribes coming down from the Southern Edges of the Uriah Mountains, and forced to cohabit with the Rosenhali, creating the first foundations for their continued cooperation over the years to come. Though resistant at first, they were eventually defeated and enslaved by the Vetian Empire. The Rosenhali, on the other hand, kept their policy of pacifism and opened their borders for the Vetians with no resistance whatsoever. In comparison to the Semeritans, they were treated much better, and allowed to keep their own traditions and freedom, as long as the expensive Vetian wages were due.   Of the original three southern tribes that descended upon Semeria, while the Vetians formed their Empire, the Caltaiin expanded northwest and developed their own power structure. The Caltaiin, now styling themselves the Gria Theocracy, expanded enough to come around the northern side of the Uriah Mountains and start to press the Rosenhali for their territory. Although the Rosenhali tried to request assistance from the Vetian Empire, they were denied it, as the Vetians had the Abergorii invasions to the south to worry about. This Grias used the Rosenhali tribe to infiltrate the Empire's territory, in one of the first known examples of Silent War.   Colonization Period: Seentriaese settlers arrived in the territory of modern Authusia after passing through Fahantia during the Great Navigations, where they experienced a peaceful reception by the Rosenhali who inhabited the region. Eventually, the colonists continued on their way. It wouldn't be long before the Rosenhali heard about the Seentriaese again, however, as they made another stop by the Vetian Empire territory, where they were not only not welcomed, but expelled. This event was the declaration of the Colonization War between the Dawnian United Kingdom and the Vetian Empire, during which the Seentriaese managed to carve out a large part of the Vetian Empire for themselves.   The weakening of the Vetians by the war against Dawnia allowed the Semeritans to free themselves from the chains that had held them for so long, starting a Civil War fought between the former slaves and the former masters. The Vetians, defeated, were forced to turn to Rosenhali territory, hitherto untouched by them, in search of refuge. The Rosenhali, faced with the lack of assistance they had received from the Vetians in their time of need, closed their borders with the help of the soldiers of the Gria Theocracy, allowing the Semeritans to finish their opponents on the run. The Seentriaese established the Arsychian Colony in the lands they conquered from the now extinct Vetian Empire.   Founding of Authusia: Despite their good relationship with the Rosenhali and the good first impression they made on the Semeritans, once they experienced the relative freedom granted to them by the Dawnian United Kingdom, the Seentriaese settlers turned to the Gria Theocracy, with whom they formed an alliance through the marriage of the Viscount Bleu of Swallowtail to Jeanette, a Rosenhali woman chosen by the Gria Theocracy as a representative for her devotion to religion. The settlers established a much more favorable relationship with the Abergorii, now called Freysians after their surrender to the Gria Theocracy, however, on account of the desired maritime products taken from the Western Sea - which still terrorized the settlers - by these people and offered in trade.   Resentful of the laws and taxes levied by their metropolis, the settlers declared War against the Dawnian United Kingdom. In order to build a central city to represent his power and make stable trade relations with the Gria Theocracy possible, Bleu took several Semeritan and Rosenhali territories for the construction of his masterpiece, the capital of his future kingdom, which he named Vaul Carona. Enraged by this forceful approach of her husband, Jeanette silently gathered the support of the Semeritans and Rosenhali before manipulating her husband's brother, Jamys of Swallowtail, into killing Bleu and his direct descendants in order to gain power for himself. Jamys married Jeanette in order to legitimize his claim, and renamed Vaul Carona as Vaul Authusia. Thus, the Kingdom of Authusia was founded.


A great portion of the Authusian population subsists on farming and creating animals. On the meantime, the Kingdom relies heavily on trading with the Gria Theocracy and the Dawnian United Kingdom and mineral activities to sustain its economy and army.   Hunting: The main game species in Authusia are Swallowtail Deer, Black Authusian Elk and Inmouth Bear. While the former two are not deeply valued on outside trade and are mostly used to sustain the local population, the Inmouth Bear's skin is hugely valued and worth good amounts of money.   Fishing: Many freshwater fish endemic to Authusia also help sustain its trade with the Gria Theocracy and grant sustainment to the fishermen who make their living out of the many rivers in Authusia, such as the Morivia and Luresia.   Authusia's geographic location also grants it access to part of the Western and Restless Seas, which allows it to tap into the Great Whale hunting from the former and explore the great number of maritime species from the latter.   Mining: Enduuriah is rich in a variety of different metals, and the region south of the Uriah Mountains where the Kingdom of Authusia resides grants it access to a huge chunk of these minerals, like copper, gold, silver and iron ore.   Farming: The climate to the north of Enduuriah is warm and temperate enough to sustain more tropical crops like soybeans, rice and maize. The soil near the northeastern coast is rich enough to sustain great cultures of sugarcane, which are coveted by the Dawnian United Kingdom and the Gria Theocracy.


The Authusian army specializes in its superior military intelligence and the use of morningstars, a weapon they took from the Dawnian United Kingdom and adapted for their use. Shortbows are their preferred ranged weapons and they have a highly formal chain of command, with ranks based on social status.


Absolutist monarchy.

"Glory, Pride, Honor."

Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
Kingdom of Authusia, Authusian Kingdom, The North
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Market economy
Neighboring Nations
Related Species

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