Spirit Blades

The Spirit Blades are blades forged by legendary weaponsmith Tulianth Sandbender. Each Spirit Blade is infused with the soul of a warrior who was mortally wounded in battle.   Each blade is named after the character trait that best described the peron in life. The name was not chosen by the weaponsmith, nor by any of their wielders, but by the weapons themselves, who can telepathically communicate with their wielder.   It is unknown how many Spirit Blades actually exist. So far, there are 10 Spirit Blades whose existence is known:   Adamant
  Although the blades themselves do not have the ability to sense their surroundings, they can telepathically link themselves to their wielder's senses and experience their surroundings through them. This allows them to form memories just like they did when they were alive, but they do not retain any memories from their former lives except for their personality.   Spirit Blades are not inherently able to link themselves to their wielder. While they usually can communicate with anyone wielding them, the souls of both the blade and their wielder need to be similar to each other to successfully form and hold a connection. When the link between both souls is especially strong and the wielder is able to suppress their own conciousness, the Spirit Blade can take over their wielder's body, allowing them to move in their place.

Cover image: by Johannes Plenio