Ryn's Summer Camp Pledge 2022

I'm late in setting my goal, but better late than never!  
Week One
  My goal for Summer Camp 2022 is to fill 24 prompts (Gold Pledge) for the world of Solus (specifically, relating to the city-state of Dorimus and the area surrounding it). My motivation is me moving my story, setting, and worldbuilding forward. Also, I'm doing it because I love the community aspect of it and want to be involved.  
Week Two, Looking at Themes:
  Expanse: Chart/describe Antigone's journey from Verdun to Dorimus, The Wraithlands, the contested warzones of Solus, the oceans of Solus, the densly populated city-state of Dorimus itself, Antigone's charmed bottomless bag   Leadership: character profiles (Phoebe, Antigone, Edward, Ursula, Herald, Sir Rochester, Padraic). Describe the monarchial system of Dorimus, describe the opposing government of Verdun, describe the facist state Herald Grunel has constructed   Discovery: the magical meet tech boom of the previous century, the gods finding Dorimus, the lost civilization that was destroyed when the gods arrived, advances and research into Unknowable Magic, research into Knowable Magic   Monstrous: Lords and Ladies, the nine gods, Edward, Herald, Ursula  
Week Three, Mini Meta
    The whole mood of The Arcana Quest in 11 hours of mostly epic instrumental scores   My Pinterest Board for The Arcana Quest


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