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Year 40 of the 7th Dawn.


A Post-Apocalypse

Solminté is a post-apocalyptic Futuristic Era of Mésvéstell. A time when the world is still recovering from a millennia-long conflict with the Hordes of Eärann. It has been over seven hundred years since the core of the Horde returned to Eärann, leaving civilization on the brink of annihilation and the lands it once held in an inhospitable and desolate condition.


A majority of the battle-scarred planet’s civilization has long since retreated inside megacities that have not only dug deep into the earth but reached high up into the sky as well. And once certain technologies had been perfected, the first city constellations were in the air, some reaching so high up into the atmosphere they could almost be called space stations.

The Wildlands

Not much of the old world’s infrastructure remains or is in functional condition. Most of it has been reclaimed by nature and is now nothing more than shadows of what they once were. Civilization has taken it slow and steady in its reclamation of the Wildlands; remnants of the Eärann Horde still roam about, along with malfunctioning automated machinery, savages, and cults.
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Star Exploration

Over the last 1800 years, technological prowess had steadily increased thanks to millennia of warfare and the stubbornness and vigilance of mankind, and due to breakthroughs in the reverse-engineering of ancient Senarti technology, it jumped forward several centuries in some fields.
As the technological horizons widened and people truly grasped the toll the war had taken on the planet, more and more started to look towards the stars. For hope. For riches. For knowledge. For adventure.

A tamed Galaxy still has secrets

Now, a few centuries afterward, Mésvéstellians have spread across the spiral galaxy and tamed a majority of it. But it still holds secrets, some of which certain agencies are doing their best to keep hidden, while others cannot be uncovered due to technological limitations, and then there are those that are kept secret due to no one being left alive to speak of it.

Galactic Rivaling Powers

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What once was a unified voice has fractured; while the U.C.M still stands strong and imposing, some of its vast territories are contested by the recently formed Anteri Republic or the older and more warn-torn Ectare Alliance. And then there are the pirate syndicates that are always a torn in anyone's side.