Desolate Lands Drawing


Differences from traditional Drawing

The people of The Desolate Lands have a unique form of Drawing. Everyone has a portion of their brian that comprehends Qi and allows us to Draw, the poeple of The Desolate Lands Due to the increase of radiation their Rheans have altered; they're still a symbiotic relationship but their Rheans have fused with their mind more than a regular Human. Their Rhean inhabit this portion of their mind and they can coimmunicate with it in a way, it's not speaking back to them but more of displaying feelings. Most people think they're just crazy speaking to themselves when in reality they are both speaking to themselves and also not.  

How they draw

Due to the uniqueness of their Rheans they don't need to draw in the conventional sense, they have the ability to visualise what they want and if it's within reason for Drawing it will autopilot them and draw the Drawing with the Rhean portion of their mind. They still require the Qi around them and energy but their general movement and body heat can be used to fuel most simple things more effeciently. The Rhean lives in the portion of the brain that comprehends Qi and Drawing.  


  The drawback to this relationship is they have a lower lifespan as the more they Draw the deeper their Rhean creeps into their mind taking over until its in full control. This leaves them as a husk of a person, their Rhean is in control of the brain but it doesn't have the sapience to actually do anything. It is possible to reverse this but you need to take a lot of precaustions before their Rhean is close to taking over, remove their ability to draw upon their Rhean and the use of extremely complex and dangerous Drawings. Only Aileran knows the way to do this and he refuses to spread the knowledge.


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