Government of Ra'Isha

Demography and Population

A large portion of the population live in or around the capital city Ra'sad, or close to the Shield. The current popuilation of Ra'Isha measures up to around 26 million people, they are spread across the country the closer to borders you venture the less frequent towns are.

Birth rate - 11 births/1,000 population
Death rate - 9 deaths/1,000 population


The Ra'Ishian army is a large formidable force of around 1 million troops spread across all of Solivity. They have stations on all of the borders, as well as smaller bases located in parts of allied countries like North Mandeek, It'ka Province and Rathak.
Parts of their military have been levied in the past to help supress rebellions in more openly opressive countries like North Mandeek.


The Ra'Ishians worship Rah the Sun god. The naming of the god was mistranslated long ago from Ra to Rah.
They believe he is responsible for all they have, they don't believe he himself if the sun but more the force that provides life to all of Solivity.

Doctrine to come later... I haven't writtent it yet q.q

Foreign Relations

Ra'Isha shares a total of four borders and one sea base border.
It shares two small borders with Karancha and the Northern Pass, they hold generally good relations with these two countries.
It shares an eastern border with Qe-Bui who have an amicable relation with eachother. Qe-Bui's military is far weaker than Ra'Isha's so they try to stay out of their way.
The southern border with Haranas is frequently strained with border disputes and small skirmishes. They haven't had a legitimate war with eachother in the past century.
The sea border with Rathak is a large shipping route for merchants and they very rarley have disputes.

Agriculture & Industry

Due to both magic and radition release during the Aeon War, the land in Ra'Isha is extra fertile. This has had the side effect of increasing the strength of the crops within the land, making them more resilient and lasting longer into the year when they should normally die. They produce large strong quantities of crops for the populace and market.
They have a strong industrial force, including government funded and mandated mining operations and metal processing. They are beaten out by the Dwarves and Rathak in expertise.

Trade & Transport


Ra'Isha exports to every country but Tal-Rena and the Desolate Lands.
The export the following goods in bulk:    
  • Agricultural goods
  • Raw materials like stone, wood, coal, etc.
  • Processed metals
  • Precious metals and gems
  • Finely crafted works
  • Weapons
These items are mainly transported via the Rennal or by wagon trains, all run by individual merchants.  


Ra'Isha is very self sustaing. They import mostly fine goods from farher areas of the continent.
They import fine hardwoods from The Brightwoods as their forests have some of the strongest timber.
They import master crafted weapons and processed materials from the Northern Pass as there are no better craftsmen then the Dwarves.

Alternative Names
Government System
Democracy, Presidential
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Mixed economy

The Common Wealth

There is one overarching currency used within Solivity, the offical name for the currency is The Common Wealth. Colloquially it is just refered to by the denomination names:
Name Appearance Conversion
Chip Small bronze chips 50 Chips = 1 Halve
Halve Half a bronze coin, Bank name stamped on. 2 Halves = 1 Whole
Whole A full bronze coin, Wholes are made by combining two Halves. 13 Wholes = 1 Lot
Lot A thin credit card sized, bronze sheet. Identifying bank serial numbers. Can only be exchanged not made like a Whole. N/A
Legislative Body
The Ra'Ishan government is made up of a Chancellor and his cabinet. The government is seen on the outside as a democracy with selected officials but within the past 30 years, one man has ruled the country. Gavras Al'Mara is a dictator who has convinced the mass populace that the laws he makes are in their best interest and that the elected officails are raised to power fairly. In secret he bribes, bullies and coerces his opposition into doing as he wishes, and has the whole world convinced that he is a democratic leader.

The structure of the government is as follows:
  1. High Chancellor - Leader of the entire government
  2. Arch Peacekeeper - Leader of the group Rah's Peacekeepers
  3. Governor - A group of 12 elected officails that see to the running of various regions of Ra'Isha
  4. Supreme Commander - Head of the Ra'Ishian Military
  5. Exchequer - The goverments treasurer, they oversee all spending
Judicial Body
The main judicial body are Rah's Peacekeepers, they are a group formed by the current Chancellor. Any member of the Peacekeepers have the legal rights to act as judge, jury and executioner for any crime commited. They have to follow the written laws but they have supreme power over the outcome of a trial. The only two people who can overule a peacekeeper is the Arch Peacekeeper or the Chancellor. The Peacekeepers act as the main policing force and the Chancellors primary bodyguards.
They roam the countryside and make sure both the laws of the country are being followed, along with Rah's will.
Official Languages
Controlled Territories

It's complicated...

The Wolves are dislike by most societies accross Solivity, the Ra'Ishians however have a special dislike for them spurred on by their leader Gavras who fears the Wolves. Most men have a natural fear for the magic users but Gavras' fear goes much, much deeper.


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