Zhuvirae is the Goddess of the Moon and Matron of Shadow   It is believed her influence lays over the celestial moon known as Shima   She is a patron goddess of Taxicost and is believed to be from a different Pantheon than those of standard deities of Solinia. Due to this, Zhuvirae is considered one of the 'Outsiders'   Zhuvirae shares many similar influence powers to the Somnus, God of Shadow and it is believed that she occupies his position in a different pantheon from either a different area of the universe or perhaps the multiverse   Zhuvirae appears to have an influence over the Spirit Realm and is often spoken of in Shaman texts. The majority of her worshippers are beings that occupy the moon of Shima but there are other creatures on Solinia who she has contacted   Her primary concern is the infiltration of the Solinian Plane of Shadow, a war which she has been engaging with against Somnus since her arrival   She is directly opposed to all beings of Light and Sun, such as Sol'Azul and Auroris   Some vampires worship her, but Mysmaal oppose all belief in her and follow Somnus exclusively due to the gift he gave them



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