Apart from the small outposts of the Kandamese and the entrance to the city of Kandam itself there are no civilisations that exist in this jungle.   Local Wildlife   Bog slugs, snakes and many dangerous reptiles.   Transport Links   The only methods of entrance to the jungle itself is through a cave entrance in the swamp of Scheria. Giving the Kandam empire a relatively defensive position against outsiders.   Locations of Interest   The Lost Temple of Araz   Threats   Most of the wildlife here is extremely deadly, if you do survive the brutal attacks from one of these creatures the poisons they hold will surely get you in the long run.   History   After the fall of the city of Eusebes the Kandam tribe settled here. Being people of war and battle they found the inhospitable lands a place to focus their strength in honour of their god of war and a perfect place to train their young. In time the village of Kandam became a city and recently the fortress of the entire empire that rules the majority of Alcor with an iron fist.


This tropical jungle sits on the southern borders of the continent of Alcor. It rests to the south of the swamps of Scheria and is commonly associated with the Kandam Empire who's capital is located here.

Flora & Fauna

Many poisons are found within the bogs of this swamp as well as reptiles and slugs which can be used to make all manners of clothing and unusual dishes. It is also a major source of timber to the Kandam Empire.
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