Tullan Vex

King Tullan Vex, true King to the Throne of Val`Elsir and Mysma leads the Army of Crimson Shadow against his wife Queen Morgana Thex who has claimed the Sanguine Kingdom of Val`Elsir for himself.   His armies are positioned in the The Savage Plains with his throne temporarily located in The Eternal Sanctum   History   King Tullan Vex had ruled the Sanguine Kingdom of Val`Elsir since they were granted the gift of Vampirism by Somnus the Shaderider in 1596 LA   His eternal kingdom prospered under his rule for over 2000 years but it was not until his love for a consort drove his wife Queen Morgana Vex to madness   In the Year 0 MA, Tullan was impaled by an Oshira Thrall at the behest of the Queen Morgana Vex leaving him cripled. He was buried, semi alive in a crypt far below The Flaming Abyss   It would not be until 1121 MA that King Tullan would be freed from his prison by Eshu a Chunel slave of the Oshira   Since then King Tullan has risen a force he has named the Army of the Crimson Shadow which he rules from his new palace in the tombs of his ancestors at The Eternal Sanctum   King Tullan almost met his end in battle during the events that led to the Spellstorm but he escaped with his life and continues his war to this day   Friends   Army of the Crimson Shadow   Enemies   Queen Morgana Vex


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