The Maw

Whenever a Solinian dies, their soul enters the afterlife. Unfortunately, this afterlife is known as the Maw, a city of the dead, where the atmosphere is continually humid and the buildings are made out of bones. Too make things worse, the buildings continually need to rebuilt, as frequent earthquakes always knock them down, sometimes trapping souls in the rubble. What is the worst feature of the Maw, however, is how most of the streets are made up of crushed, dead souls. They are very intertwined so it's impossible to untangle them, but observers who came back from the afterlife speculate that the crushed souls are only the first layer of many, with no telling how far down the morbid pile reaches. To add to its eerieness, some of the souls contained look nothing like any species found like Solinia. For whatever reason, the Maw is located near the edge of Solinia's solar system, as all souls are drawn there. Only an excorcism, or stagnant rifts found in the Maw allow passage back to the living. The rift portals are unusual in that they never dissapate, and that they seem to get smaller, as though something was sapping them.


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