Description   Shamans are one of the three healer classes and have various party utility spells to greatly buff melees and poison their enemies     Newbie Guide   As a Shaman, you will be able to rely on yourself for heals and food. Shamans are also good for buffing stats and speed. When getting started as a shaman, keep in mind that in Haven, there are several low-level heals that you should buy from the vendors to get started. Make sure to purchase summon food, light healing, and minor healing. Additionally, there will be a vendor who sells shaman buff spells. Purchase as many of these as possible. Once you have leveled past the spells in Haven, go to Arnar's shaman guild to get spells up to level 49. They will help your way to maximum level.     Class Titles   The oracle The mystic (insert final title)     Passive and Unique Skills   at lv. 15 Dodge at lv. 30 Specialise     Race Recommendations   Taxicost, Tailless, Troll     Statistics Recommendations   High Stamina and Agility     Gear Recommendations   High Magic resistance     Lore Shamans are similar to Clerics in a more tribal sense. They may be seen as heretics.


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