History   Before becoming the hideous beasts they are today, the Septs were rumored to be a beautiful race of bird people, with gorgeous feathered bodies and a great singing voice. This was before they decided to make a pact with the god of strategy, Lunarine. As a god whose war tactics were opposite those of the more chaotic Ashtor, Lunarine believed in conquest via diplomacy and thinking two steps ahead. When the then glorious Septs wanted more land and power, Lunarine made a deal with them: become her soldiers and worship her, and they will be granted the pinnacle of military strategy and intelligence. The Septs signed on without a second thought. Lunarine's soldiers proved more than competent in gaining new territory, and the Septs were at their peak when they conquered half a continent. However, Lunarine became aware that the tribute normally paid to the gods were dwindling in her case, but she let it pass. What she could not let pass, however, was the fact that the Septs took all the credit for what was her victories.   Enraged, she cursed the Septs, turning them from beautiful bird humans to mindless, giant wasp people, terrible and ugly. They began to mindlessly raze the areas that they once ruled over. The other gods saw this, and ganged up on Lunarine, telling her to stop. With the slave rebellion having just ended and the Tailless still running around, the gods did not need a new monster species on their hands. They were, however, sympathetic to Lunarine's bilking, and offered a different solution: Make the Lunarine's work for other species in order to pay off their debt to society. Not only did this make Lunarine happy, but it was also a plan for things to come.   One of the gods visited the Nijin, hoping to find out if there would be another disaster like the cataclysm, or another war like the slave revolt. The account of the story differs, but the Nijin predicted between seven and ten wars in the immediate future. Hoping to stifle the wars in the bud, the gods collected a brilliant soul of great military importance and made a cocoon for them to hatch out of. Then a hive was built around this, and the Septs were given an order: "When a cocoon drops and the queen hatches, war is imminent, and it must be stopped before it spreads. Follow your leader, aid the species she represents, and you will not stop fighting until your queen is martyred by the enemy, for she is the one who will sacrifice herself for your sins. This sacrifice will signal your victory. When the last queen dies, you will have paid your debt and be restored." Grateful for their minds back and for the chance to redeem themselves, the Sept stand ready to do battle with any who desire to tear apart the world. So far, there are only two identified queens in their hive: Lial, the Endol Excorcist, known in his past life for his victories against poltergeist, and Sepa, the son of a Eusebian rebel.     Culture   No Sept wear any clothes, and with the exception of the queen, they all look the same. The queen is always larger and carries traits of the species' soul and personality it holds. The Sept have the unique ability to turn off their sense of reasoning, making them very dangerous in battle.   The Sept, having no lips, speak through ventriloquism. While most words get across, once in a while their inability to pronounce certain letters have led to confusing conversations.     Naming Theme   Sept names are hard to describe in words, consisting of dancing movements and clicks of mandibles. The best approximation is a number, such as Drone0345 or Worker1054, but this can be a bit impersonal. Sept interacting with other races will take on a name that they feel suits them, but often they can sound rather unusual to others as they like to name themselves after their favourite foods, plants or objects.   Examples:   Drone0345   Worker1054   Apples   Big Boulder   Tree Root


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